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You’ve realized that books make you really happy. (hey, us too!)

It’s time to level-up, so you can explore the enormous world of books in (function and) style.

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Part of our mission [at] is to provide in-depth reviews of book gadgets are regularly updated to help improve the lives of other book readers, and all those around them.

<strong>Here's the Short-List of Gear You Need:</strong>
  1. Top 7 Best E-Readers – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews
  2. Best Reading Glasses — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
  3. Best Blue Blocker Glasses — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (be kind to your eyes, you night-owl reader!)
  4. Top 10 Best Floor Lamps — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
  5. Top 7 Best LED Desk Lamps — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
  6. Top 5 Best Book Stands — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Why Invest in Your Reading Gear?

For me personally, reading is almost entirely about putting myself in a good mood. It’s prioritizing my self, and therefore, all those around me.

My energy levels skyrocket when digesting books (especially novels or biographies).

In order for me to be the best version of myself, as a business owner, lover, friend, father, I remind myself of this.

Happy reading!

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