Book Review Guidelines

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We created this page to make things simple for all of you beautiful, book reviewing maniacs.  But we do want you to read the full details on our Submission Guidelines before submitting your book review.

If your book review submission is accepted and published, your next book is on us!  Be sure to include your PayPal email address.

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Basic Book Review Guidelines | Hooked to Books

MUST HAVES for Book Reviews:

  • Write an original review (don’t copy and paste anything)
  • Break your review into Sections
    • Use at least 3 sections.  Bullet points and lists are helpful on readers’ eyes.

You MUST include “The Book in 3 Sentences” OR “5 Main Ideas” in your review

  • If you can, please send us BOTH of these, but if you’re reviewing a fictional storybook that can be challenging.  It’s ok.  Just pick one or the other in that case.
  • The Book in 3 Sentences:  If you only had 15 seconds to explain the book to a friend, what would you say?  (It’s ok if this is drastically oversimplified.)
  • The Five (5) Main Ideas:  Present a bullet-point list of 5 items that present the main ideas of the book you’re reviewing.

Still not sure where to start?  Go with the basics!

  • Did you enjoy the book?  What surprised you?  What’s one thing you learned that you won’t forget?
  • Write an introduction, 2+ paragraphs of summary content, and end with a conclusion full of your spicy opinions.
  • Take a look at these 3 examples here, here, and here to get your juices flowing.

Submission Checklist:  Before you send us your article, check to make sure that you have completed the following:

  • Indicated your name, email address, and a short personal bio of 3-5 sentences.  You are encouraged to indicate your website’s link, as well as your social media profiles (optional).
  • Create an account with Gravatar. (The email address you give to us should match the one associated with your Gravatar account.)
  • The email you have provided us is your PayPal email address.

👉🏻If you’ve done all of these, you’re ready to submit!  Use the button below for Book Reviews.