The Complete List of Terry Brooks Books in Reading Order

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Readers who enjoy epic fantasy books must be familiar with the name “Terry Brooks.” From selling 25 million copies of his works to writing the book adaptation of a Star Wars movie, Terry Brooks is one of the best-selling fantasy writers of all time.

Brooks has written more than fifteen different book series, non-fiction books, anthologies, short stories, etc., and has more than a hundred books carrying his name on the cover.

Terry Brooks
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The great thing about epic fantasy stories is that these books are evergreen. A multitude of characters, a fantastic, vast world that is filled by the imagination of the writer, and so much more make fantasy books a treat to read.

If you are looking to start with a fantasy book series, then getting started with the book series by Terry Brooks would be perfect. We have curated and created a complete list of all the books by Terry Brooks so that you can quickly get started with reading.

Here are all the different book series by Terry Brooks

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Original Shannara Series
October 5, 2006672 pagesOrbitAmazon
2Heritage of Shannara Series
January 1, 1991419 pagesBallantine Publishing GroupAmazon
3Word And Void Series
January 1, 1998420 pagesDel Rey 1998-07-01Amazon
4Voyage of The Jerle Shannara Series
January 1, 2001
464 pages
5High Druid of Shannara Series
January 1, 2004
391 pages
Del Rey
6Genesis of Shannara Series
August 29, 2006
384 pages
Del Rey
7Legends of Shannara Series
January 1, 2011
351 pages
8Dark Legacy of Shannara Series
July 23, 2013
496 pages
9Magic Kingdom of Landover SeriesApril 1, 1986
384 pagesDel Rey Books
10Star Wars SeriesJanuary 1, 1999
352‎ pagesDel ReyAmazon

Original Shannara Series

The Sword of Shannara
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The Shannara book series is the Magnum Opus of Terry Brooks. In fact, “The Sword of Shannara ” was the first book published by Brooks, leading to the long list of book series here.

The Shannara series is a delightful epic fantasy book series with all the tropes of a fantasy novel series. There is the main character who is not aware of his fate, and then there is the mighty sword that he is destined to have.

But there are challenges ahead, and the threats are genuine and dangerous. Shea Ohmsford (the hero of the story) must fight the power of darkness with the help of some friends.

The Skull Bearer is coming for him, and he must be brave and save everyone, as the world’s fate lies in his hands.

The writing is simple and easy to understand. If you like reading a good old-fashioned fantasy novel with all its characteristic tropes, then this book series is the one for you.

Here’s the list of all five books in their release order:

Here are all the books arranged in their chronological order:

Heritage of Shannara Series

The Scions of Shannara
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The Heritage of Shannara series takes the story forward, and all the complaints readers had with the previous book series have been managed very well in this one. Terry Brooks’s language, writing style, and the compelling nature of the prose improved drastically with this book series.

The story starts with Par Ohmsford getting a message from the ancient Druid Allanon. He is asked to call the legendary Sword of Shannara back and restore the peace and glory of the Four Lands.

While on paper, the plot seems very simple, everything has changed in the book series. The characters have developed more, there is depth in the way each line is delivered, and the plot has become a bit complex as well.

All of this adds to the reading experience of the book series. Here are all the books in this series in reading order:

Word And Void Series

Running with the Demon
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We all know fantasy novels are almost always placed on the groundwork of “good versus evil.” The “War and Void” series is also the same, using the trope of good versus evil but with a brilliant unique spin on it.

It would be a shock to many readers to know that the plot of this book is set in Hopewell, Illinois, where two men arrive. One is John Ross, a Knight who carries the world’s fate.

The other man is the demon who intends to end the world as we know it by using anger and hate in the community of the people. The plot moves ahead, adding more characters and complex scenarios.

It is a nail-biting experience to read how John Ross manages to fight this evil demon and save the world. Here are all the books in the series in reading order:

Voyage of The Jerle Shannara Series

Ilse Witch
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Another excellent epic fantasy book series by Terry Brooks, but this one is slightly different. This book series focuses more on magic. Walker Boh is the main character in the story, and he is sent on an exciting and dangerous adventure.

An elf is found, almost dying, in the seas of the Blue Divide. When the elf returns to his senses, he shows a map that would lead them to a place where the magic is more potent than any other magic known.

While Boh is the only one who can decipher the map, a powerful witch named the Ilse Witch is also after this map, and she will stop at nothing.

Here are all the books in the series:

High Druid of Shannara Series

Jarka Ruus
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The High Druid of Shannara series continues the story of the Ilse Witch. She has denounced her last name, changed how she lived, and now has dedicated herself to bringing peace and harmony to the Four Lands.

But things are never easy or straightforward when it comes to uniting everyone in the Four Lands. Strong forces are conspiring against her, trying to bring her down. Things are so critical that she cannot even trust her allies.

This book series is a beautiful read that expands further on the rich lore of the Four Lands. Here are the three books in reading order:

Genesis of Shannara Series

Armageddon's Children
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The Genesis of Shannara is another excellent book trilogy by the author that redefines modern fantasy. A tale of fate, suffering, strength, and overcoming adversities, the book series is about two lead characters, Angel Perez and Logan Tom.

Here is the list of all three books in reading order:

Legends of Shannara Series

Bearers of the Black Staff
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Legends of Shannara series is another excellent epic fantasy that takes the readers into a beautiful world of magic.

Here are the two books of the series in reading order:

The Shannara Universe Series

Here are all the various book series in the Shannara Universe: 

Dark Legacy of Shannara Series

Wards of Faerie
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Paladins of Shannara Series

Allanon's Quest
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Defenders of Shannara Series

The High Druid's Blade
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Fall of Shannara Series

The Black Elfstone
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Viridian Deep Series

​​Child of Light book
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Magic Kingdom of Landover Series

Magic Kingdom for Sale Sold!
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Terry Brooks combined the fantastical elements of his magical worlds and added an excellent humor element to it in the “Magic Kingdom of Landover” book series. This book series is perfect for young readers who want to enjoy something in the fantasy genre but light as well.

Here are all the books in reading order:

Star Wars Series

The Phantom Menace
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Terry Brooks wrote one of the Star Wars books. Star Wars is a series that needs no introduction. While the movie “The Phantom Menace” was not liked by all, Terry Brooks has worked his magic with this book as readers and fans of the series have enjoyed this book profusely.

There is just one book in this series. Other Star Wars books have been written by various authors. 

Graphic Novel

Dark Wraith of Shannara
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The imaginative and vivid fantastical world created by Terry Brooks needs a graphical representation. Watch them take form and color in this brilliantly illustrated graphic novel:


Conversations From the Edge The Galaxy's Edge Interviews
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Here are all the anthologies by Terry Brooks. There is no specific reading order to it. 

Standalone Novels And Short

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If you want to read the works of Terry Brooks without starting a long novel series, then picking the standalone novels and short stories would be the best thing to do. Pick any of these tremendous standalone novels by Terry Brooks to get a taste of his writing style.

Non-Fiction Books 

Sometimes the Magic Works
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Terry Brooks wrote two great non-fiction books that readers would love to read if they liked the fictional works of the author. Since these are non-fiction books, there is no reading order to them. Pick anyone you want. 


The epic fantasy genre has always intrigued and fascinated both readers and writers. Terry Brooks has created some of the most memorable characters and impactful stories.

With a career that spans decades and enough books to fill someone’s library, Terry Brooks is an author whose works every reader must read. So select a book series, look at the reading order, and get reading.

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