76 Cool & Fun Book Club Names

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Do you love to read but do not have someone to talk about books? I can totally understand how you feel!

I went through this cycle where I was ready to rant after finishing a book, but there was no one to listen. But I found an excellent solution to my problem!

Want to know?

A Book Club! Yes, I joined a book club. It’s an awesome place for book lovers where you meet like-minded people who will discuss books and give recommendations; it’s so much fun to be a part of it.

You can either join an existing book club or create a new one by inviting people. As readers, we know the importance of titles, and book clubs also deserve unique names.

I have compiled a list of names for different types of book clubs to choose from. You can also tweak them according to the vibe of your club. The article also has some advantages and bonus tips for help if you want to start your own book club.

Advantages of Joining a Book Club

Advantages of Joining a Book Club

I can say from my personal experience that joining a book club has numerous benefits. Below listed are a few advantages for you to check out.

  • Social Connection

Meeting new people and interacting with them is a great way to increase your social connections and sense of happiness. Book club helps you to socialize with people more to develop strong friendships.

  • Develops Reading Habit

Book clubs help you to maintain your reading habits. It encourages you to read daily, even when you have a tight schedule. It is a good way to relax your mind.

  • New Perspectives

Book clubs also have activities such as debates and discussions on various topics, which can enhance your overall knowledge about different topics. When listening to many people’s opinions, you will eventually develop your own perspective.

  • Talk About books

In a book club, you can freely rant or gush over books, share your opinions, and showcase your love of books. A book club is a community specially dedicated to this.

  • Expands your Genre Taste

The place will introduce you to a whole new world of books. You will try out genres and authors you wouldn’t even give a chance otherwise.

Unique Book Club Names

Unique Book Club Names

Here is a list of unique book club names! Choose the best-suited name for your club.

  • Bandits of Bookworms
  • Book Hoarders
  • Books & Banter
  • Novel Knights
  • Chronicles Crew
  • The Bookies
  • Book Wizards
  • Weep, Read, Repeat
  • Chick Flicks and Tay Swifts
  • The Whodunits
  • Series-Us Readers
  • Born to Read
  • Ink & Insights
  • Books and coffee

Book Club Names for Teachers

If you are a teacher and want to set up a book club only for teachers, this collection of names might be your suitable choice.

  • Wisdom Book Club
  • Peer-To-Peer Club
  • Just-In-Time Teachers
  • Masters of Words
  • Teacher’s Points of View
  • The School Spirit Book Club
  • Diligent Teachers Book Club
  • Shaping Minds, Changing Lives
  • The Learning Facilitators Book Club
  • Knowledge Acquisition Book Club

Book Club Names for Students

Book Club Names for Students

Book clubs are really helpful for students. These names are best for book clubs with student members.

  • Studentquipo Book Club
  • Prosper Book Club
  • Paradise of Pursuit
  • Student Habitat Book Club
  • Ambition Book Club
  • Collaborate Book Club
  • Student Snow Book Club
  • Studentwind Book Club
  • Studentsy Book Club
  • The Readers in the Rye
  • Page of Pages
  • Grow Book Club

Fun Book Club Names

Here’s a selection of funny and clever book club names that can be used for pretty much any type of book club.

  • Shelf Indulgence
  • On the Same Page
  • Readers Dozen
  • Between the Covers
  • Read It and Weep
  • Reading Between the Spines
  • Between the Lines
  • Better Read Than Dead
  • It’s a Hardback Life
  • Overbooked
  • You Can’t Put Us Down
  • Prose Before Hoes
  • Prose Before Bros
  • Textual Relations
  • Fiction Addiction

Boozy Book Club Names

Boozy Book Club Names

If your book club loves to come together over a few bottles of wine or a case of beer, here are some great boozy book club name ideas.

  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • Read Between the Wines
  • Mimosas and Metaphors
  • Beers and Books
  • The Pinot Prologues
  • Waiting for Merlot
  • Books and Bordeaux
  • Books ‘n’ Booze
  • Prosecco and Prose
  • The Vine and Verse
  • Wines & Spines
  • The Spirited Book Club
  • Drinking Club with a Reading Problem

All Female Book Club Names

If your book club is a ladies only affair, here are some fun female inspired name ideas.

  • The Book Babes
  • The Literary Ladies
  • Well Read Women
  • The Feminists of Fiction
  • The Literary Coven
  • The Reading Queens

Mom’s Book Club Names

Are you a bunch of super moms who gather to discuss your favorite reads? Check out these PG friendly book club names.

  • This Definitely is Your Mother’s Book Club
  • Mom’s Time Out Book Club
  • Mommy’s Memoirs Club
  • Take a Break Book Club
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Mommy’s Literary Escape

Tips for Starting a Book Club

Tips for Starting a Book Club

If you want to start your own book club, then I’ve shared some tips below. The tips might be helpful for you while setting up your own club. Have a look!

1. Invite the Right People

The members of your book club are everything, so before you start sending out invites to everyone you know and their mom, take a moment to consider. Start by writing down a list of existing friends, relatives, and coworkers, etc., and consider who likes to read and who you’d be happy to spend more time with. 

You might want to keep it low key and small to begin with, but if you’re looking to boost your numbers, you could put out a post on social media letting people know about your new book club. 

To branch out even further, you could post a flyer on the bulletin board of your local library or bookstore. Book clubs are a great way to expand your social circle, so if you’re comfortable inviting people you don’t know yet, you could end up meeting some awesome and like-minded new friends. 

And remember, the best book clubs are diverse book clubs. After all, it’s always more interesting to get a range of perspectives on the book you’re reading. If this is important to you, make sure to invite people from a range of ages, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities.

2. Decide on The Style of Your Meetings

Decide on The Style of Your Meetings

Before you have your first official book club meeting, it’s a good idea to discuss some group guidelines so that everyone is on the same page. 

Consider if you want the meeting to have a more formal approach, where the main aim is to discuss the book in question, or if it will be more of a social get together, with wine, snacks, and social chit chat alongside the book talk. 

Which style you go for will depend upon your members. If you’re already a tight-knit group, then it’ll no doubt be a relaxed, informal affair. But if you’re inviting members who are real bookworms who’d prefer to take the book discussion aspect of the evening pretty seriously, bear this in mind. 

3. Decide the Books You’ll Read

If you have a genre theme for your book club, for example, sci-fi, or horror, then this task is a little more straightforward. You can narrow it down pretty easily and pick from a smaller list of titles. 

But if you’re taking a more general approach, there are some trusted sources you can go to to make sure you pick great books every time. 

Check out the New York Times bestsellers list to see what’s making a splash in the literary world right now. Or, if you and your book club want to read some all-time classics, head over to the Goodreads Top 100 lists for inspiration. 

You might also want to think about how you will choose your books each time. Will you be working through a list? Or will you all take it in turns to choose the book? 

4. Decide When You’ll Meet

Decide When You'll Meet

When it comes to meeting frequency, it can be tempting to try to meet up often at first. You’re excited and can’t wait to plow through books and debrief with your buddies. But in reality, no one likes being pressured to finish a book quickly, and life often gets in the way of reading time. 

As a general rule of thumb, meetings should be at least one month apart. However, you might decide to go for longer between meetups, especially if you’re reading a particularly epic book. 

5. Decide How Often You’ll Meet

When it comes to locations, there are a few important things to consider. If it’s just you and your close pals, then you might want to meet in your own house or apartment, or perhaps work on a rotating system where everyone takes a turn to host. 

But if you’re a larger group and people don’t know each other yet, a neutral public space like a library, community center, cafĂ©, or bar might be better suited. 

And don’t forget, you can always take your book club online. You can host video chat versions of your meetings and even discuss the book in a private social media space between meetings too.

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