The Complete List of Lorna Barrett Books in Order

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Lorna Bartlett is an American author behind several popular cozy mystery series. She’s most famous for her Booktown Mysteries saga, which debuted on the New York Times Best Sellers list. But this prolific author also has several other captivating collections to explore, published under her pseudonyms L.L. Bartlett and Lorraine Bartlett.

Lorna Barrett
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Lorna’s page-turning reads are popular around the globe, and she has plenty more exciting mystery and adventure stories yet to be published. So, there’s never been a better time to explore her work. Read on to find out more!

Lorna Barrett’s Books

Lorna Barrett has several popular series and standalone titles published under various pen names, and below, I’ll list them all in reading and publication order.

I’ll begin with a full breakdown of her most popular work, The Booktown Mysteries. Then, I’ll also provide lists of her other series, standalone books, and short stories so that you can get started on your reading journey right away.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1The Booktown Mystery BooksJanuary 1, 2008288 pagesBerkleyAmazon
2The Jeff Resnick Mystery Books
November 22, 2005272 pagesFive StarAmazon
3The Jeff Resnick’s Short Stories
December 21, 2014168 pagesPolaris PressAmazon
4The Victoria Square Mystery Books
March 1, 2013383 pagesCenter Point PubAmazon
5The Life on Victoria Square Books
April 11, 201740 pagesPolaris PressAmazon
6The Lotus Bay Mysteries Books
January 6, 2015262 pagesPolaris PressAmazon
7The Tales of Telenia Books
July 12, 2012198 pagesPolaris PressAmazon
8The Tales from Blythe Cove Manor Books
March 28, 201651 pagesPolaris PressAmazon
9Lorna Barrett’s Standalone Novels
August 28, 2020August 28, 2020Polaris PressAmazon
10Lorna Barrett’s Short Stories and Short Story Collections
July 18, 2018150 pagesPolaris PressAmazon

The Booktown Mystery Books

The Booktown Mystery series takes place in Stoneham, New Hampshire, a town famous for its bookstores.

In the heart of Stoneham, Tricia Miles runs the Haven’t Got a Clue bookstore and moonlights as an amateur detective in her spare time. And in this murder-filled city, she’s never short of crimes to solve.

The Booktown Mystery Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Booktown Mystery books each tell a different story, but the characters and their lives are interconnected. So, to get the most out of the series, it’s best to read these novels in the order they were published, listed below.

1. Murder Is Binding (2008)

Murder Is Binding
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When self-proclaimed city girl Tricia Miles first moved to Stoneham, the community welcomed her with open arms. But now that the butchered corpse of Doris Gleason has turned up inside her store, the town’s once-friendly atmosphere has turned hostile.

Now, Tricia must clear her name and take a cue from her mystery novels to track down the true perpetrator.

2. Bookmarked For Death (2009)

Bookmarked For Death
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The sudden death of bestselling author Zoë Carter at Tricia Miles’ book signing event sparks a frantic murder investigation in Stoneham. Police and reporters swarm Tricia’s little bookstore, but so far, their only suspect is the author’s assistant and niece.

But Tricia thinks the sheriff is barking up the wrong tree, so she takes matters into her own hands, reading between the lines to unravel the mystery herself.

3. Bookplate Special (2009)

Bookplate Special
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Pammy Fredericks, Tricia’s old college roommate, has turned up uninvited, and kind-hearted Tricia has been putting her up for weeks.

Yet Tricia’s generosity finally runs out when Pammy is caught stealing. And so, she does the only thing she can do and asks her to leave.

But then, Pammy is discovered dead in a dumpster, and a murder mystery ensues.

4. Chapter & Hearse (2010)

Chapter & Hearse
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Recently, Tricia Miles has been so busy solving real-life crimes that she’s barely had time to indulge in the fictional mysteries she loves.

And now, another real-life crisis is unfolding. A gas explosion has hit Stoneham, injuring Tricia’s sister’s boyfriend Bob, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, and killing a fellow bookstore owner.

But Tricia has never trusted Bob, and when she discovers he’s refusing to divulge information about the accident, she decides to get to the bottom of the matter herself.

5. Sentenced to Death (2011)

Sentenced to Death
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On Founder’s Day in Stoneham, the entire town gathers in the square to partake in the celebration, including Deborah Black, Tricia’s close friend and the event’s organizer.

But as Deborah delivers her welcoming speech to the crowds, a small plane suddenly crashlands in the square, and both Deborah and the pilot are tragically killed.

The Sheriff’s Department has concluded that the tragedy was a terrible accident. Still, Tricia senses that there’s more to her friend’s death than meets the eye. And so, she delves deeper into the case and uncovers a shocking truth that will shake the town of Stoneham to its core.

6. Murder on the Half Shelf (2012)

Murder on the Half Shelf
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Stoneham, New Hampshire, boasts a plethora of bookstores, but there’s always been little in the way of bed and breakfasts, at least until now.

Pippa and Jon Comfort’s Sheer brand new Comfort Inn is preparing for its grand opening in just a few days. The couple has invited some locals to stay and test out the facilities before they open to the public.

But Tricia’s stay at the inn turns into a real-life nightmare when she finds Pippa lying dead in the backyard and discovers that Jon isn’t who he claims to be.

7. Not the Killing Type (2013)

Not the Killing Type
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The Chamber of Commerce elections are underway, and Tricia’s sister, Angelica, is challenging the long-standing president (who happens to be her ex-lover) to the title. Local business owner Stan Berry is also in the race, but his candidacy is cut short when he is found murdered in cold blood.

Now, both Angelica and the current Chamber president are under suspicion. So Angelica seeks Tricia’s help to clear her name. But their investigation uncovers a web of lies and deceit that point to a surprising motive, and Tricia must act fast before the killer strikes again.

8. Book Clubbed (2014)

Book Clubbed
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After the death of Betsy Dittmeyer, the cantankerous receptionist at the Chamber of Commerce, Tricia Miles finds herself embroiled in yet another murder mystery.

Betsy’s surprising will has revealed several secrets, including one that could have driven someone to kill. But as Tricia helps Angelica, the new Chamber president, solve the case, she also uncovers a shocking revelation about her own family’s past.

9. A Fatal Chapter (2015)

A Fatal Chapter
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One day, as Tricia takes her sister’s dog Sarge out for a walk, she stumbles upon Pete Renquist, the local Historical Society’s president, lying on the floor, having a heart attack.

Tricia rushes to his aid, yet later that day, he sadly dies in the hospital. But the doctors have discovered something sinister- a suspicious bruise and puncture mark on his arm, suggesting foul play.

Struggling to shake off Pete’s cryptic final words, Tricia delves into the mystery of who killed him before anyone else winds up dead.

10. Title Wave (2016)

Title Wave
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After a devastating fire at Tricia’s bookstore, Tricia and her sister, Angelica, have set sail on a whodunit mystery lovers cruise for some well-deserved rest.

But the fiction-focused fun in the sun comes to an abrupt end when a fellow passenger becomes the victim of a real-life murder.

Tricia works frantically to unravel the mystery and catch the killer before the ship reaches port. Still, she’d better tread it carefully if she wanted to make it back onto dry land alive.

11. A Just Clause (2017)

A Just Clause
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Tricia Miles’ father has unexpectedly shown up in town, and it’s not long before he becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

As Tricia digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding the case, she learns some surprising secrets about her father’s past. According to the police, he’s an ex-con man with a criminal record and jail time under his belt. But could he be responsible for the murder of an innocent woman?

Tricia doesn’t think so, and she’ll do whatever it takes to clear her father’s name and bring the real killer to justice.

12. Poisoned Pages (2018)

Poisoned Pages
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Tricia Miles has accomplished something she never thought possible- she’s cooked all the food for her housewarming cocktail party, and it looks pretty delicious, even if she does say so herself.

But once the guests arrive at her new apartment, things take a terrible turn. One of the partygoers has died of poisoning, leaving her wondering if her cooking killed them off.

13. A Killer Edition (2019)

A Killer Edition
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Tricia has some extra time on her hands, so she visits a neighboring romance bookstore to find a steamy new read. But when she enters the store, she overhears a heated argument between the owner, Joyce, and her neighbor Vera.

Later that day, Vera’s lifeless body is found in Joyce’s garden, and now, all signs point to the seemingly sweet romance bookstore owner being the killer.

14. Handbook for Homicide (2020)

Handbook for Homicide
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Tricia and her on-again-off-again partner, Marshall, are having relationship issues. And so, after a less-than-pleasant vacation together, she hopes to return to Stoneham and clear her head.

But as soon as she arrives home, a body is discovered in Booktown, right behind her store. The victim is a homeless veteran named Susan Morris, and now, due to her questionable past, Tricia’s assistant, Pixie, is the prime suspect.

But Tricia knows Pixie is innocent, so she embarks on a frantic hunt to catch the real killer and clear her name.

15. A Deadly Deletion

A Deadly Deletion
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Within the space of just 15 minutes, Tricia has received two marriage proposals: one from her on-again-off-again lover Marshall Chambers, and the other from her ex-boyfriend and chief of police, Grant Baker. But before she can make a decision, tragedy strikes as Marshall is hit and killed by a white pickup truck.

Heartbroken, Tricia seeks solace in her sister’s apartment, but as she takes the dog out for a bathroom break, the same white truck that killed Marshall nearly kills her, too.

It’s clear that someone out there wanted both of them dead, but who and why?

16. Clause of Death (2021)

Clause of Death
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The story revolves around Tricia Miles and her sister Angelica. Being the co-presidents of Stoneham’s Chamber of Commerce, Tricia Miles and her sister Angelica takes the brunt of any complaints in town. And recently, many of the local merchants have been grumbling about the loss of the town’s bookish identity, as numerous non-book-based businesses have begun to pop up.

However, the Chamber’s usual bickering is cut short when Eli Meier, the outspoken owner of The Inner Light Bookstore, is killed. And now, Tricia and Angelica are left to find out who did it before one of them is accused.

17. A Questionable Character (due to be published in July 2023)

A Questionable Character
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Contractor Jim Stark is overseeing several important projects this summer, including the construction of Angelica Miles’s brand-new world headquarters for her marketing company, Nigela Ricita Associates.

But one morning, when Tricia and Angelica decide to check on the construction progress, they arrive to find the place unlocked and Stark’s assistant, Sanjay Arya, dead in a pool of his blood. And now, the question is: who could be the suspect?

Lorna Barrett as L.L. Bartlett

The Jeff Resnick Mystery Books

Murder on the Mind
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This gripping mystery series, written under the pseudonym L.L. Bartlett, follows the adventures of a former insurance investigator named Jeff Resnick. After sustaining serious injuries in a robbery in Manhattan, Jeff has developed a sixth sense which he uses to solve crimes the police have been unable to solve.

The Jeff Resnick Mystery Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Jeff Resnick Mystery books are interconnected, so to get the most out of the series, it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

The Jeff Resnick’s Short Stories

Evolution Jeff Resnick's Backstory
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Under her pen name L.L. Bartlett, Lorna Barrett has also written several short stories which complement the Jeff Resnick series. Here they are in the order they were published.

Lorna Barrett as Lorraine Bartlett

The Victoria Square Mystery Books

One Hot Murder
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This nine-part cozy mystery series stars amateur sleuth Katie Bonner, who, in book one, becomes the reluctant manager of Artisans Alley.

Katie’s late husband had invested in the creative community hub, Artisan’s Alley, before he died. But now, the owner of the near-bankrupt institution, Ezra Hilton, has been found murdered, and it falls to Katie to take on the challenge of running the place alone. But someone out there wants her to fail, just like Ezra did.

The Victoria Square Mystery Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Victoria Square Mystery books are interconnected, so to get the most out of the series, it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

The Life on Victoria Square Books

Carving Out A Path
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This is a short story companion series to the main Victoria Square Mysteries. Each of these tales delves into the lives and adventures of the various merchants who operate their businesses in Aritisans Alley and Victoria Square.

The Life on Victoria Square Books in Reading and Publication Order

You can read these stories in any order you choose, but to avoid spoilers, be sure to start this series after you’ve read the fourth novel in the main Victoria Square series, Dead, Bath, and Beyond.

The Lotus Bay Mysteries Books

With Baited Breath
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This charming mystery series follows the adventures of two best friends, Tori Cannon, and Kathy Grant.

In book one, Tori and Kathy have planned a fun-filled weekend of wine, cookies, and catch-ups. Yet they can’t ignore the unsettling presence of a panty thief lurking around the laundry room in Tori’s complex. And so, the pair embark on a panty raid to catch the culprit in the act.

The Lotus Bay Mysteries Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Lotus Bay Mysteries books are interconnected, so to get the most out of the series, it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

The Tales of Telenia Books

View on Amazon

This short science fiction series is a departure from Lorraine Bartlett’s/ Lorna Barrett’s usual style. Book one begins in the depths of outer space, as Amanda Shelton’s space shuttle crashlands on a mysterious planet. When she wakes up, she finds herself alone, caged inside a cell, where she’s forced to learn an alien language and share her earthy wisdom with her captors.

The Tales of Telenia Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Tales of Telenia books are interconnected, so to get the most out of the series, it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

The Tales from Blythe Cove Manor Books

A Dream Weekend
View on Amazon

In 2016, Lorna Barrett (under the pseudonym Lorraine Bartlett) joined fellow authors Kelly McClymer and Shirley Hailstock to create the Blythe Cove Manor books.

Based on a real-life bed and breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the series follows the adventures of innkeeper Blythe Calvert, whose impeccable hosting skills come with a pinch of magic.

The Tales from Blythe Cove Manor Books in Reading and Publication Order

Each installment in the Tales from Blythe Cove Manor series centers around a different theme, and each story acts as a standalone. So, they can be read in any order you choose.

Lorna Barrett’s Standalone Novels

Sabina Reigns
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Alongside her many series, Lorna Barrett has also penned several standalone novels. Here they are in the order they were published.

Lorna Barrett’s Short Stories and Short Story Collections

Love & Murder
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Lorna Barrett has several short stories and one short story collection to explore. Here they are in the order they were published.


Lorna Barrett is one of the reigning queens of cozy mysteries, and her novels have become a treasured addition to countless bookshelves around the globe.

Whether she’s writing under her famous pen name Lorna Barrett, or her lesser-known pseudonyms, L.L. Bartlett and Lorraine Bartlett, this popular author has a whole host of page-turning reads to explore.

So, if you love a good mystery story and are looking for a new series to dive into this year, I highly recommend giving her books a try.

Are you already a fan of Lorna Barrett’s work? If so, I’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations. Could you drop me a comment in the box below?

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