The Complete List of J.R. Ward Books in Order

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J.R. Ward is a renowned author who is very popular and is still releasing novels for her beloved readers. With a passion for writing, she started her writing career and released her debut novel in 2002.

She has released more than 55 books so far, with new releases adding up on the list. In this article, I’ve listed all the J.R. Ward books to make it easier for you to go through this list and choose your preferred book to start your reading journey right away.

Who is J.R. Ward?

Who is J.R. Ward
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Jessica Rowley Pell Bird, also known as J.R Ward, was born in Massachusetts, United States, in 1969. She was fond of writing from childhood and used to write books, but only for herself. She studied Law at Albany Law School and is also a history major.

She published her first book, Leaping Hearts, in the year 2002. Initially, she used her real name to publish her books but later settled on the moniker J.R. Ward. Jessica has written the best-selling paranormal romance series The Black Dagger Brotherhood, followed by many other book series.

Jessica has published over 55 novels so far. She is planning to release more interesting novels for her beloved readers.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

J.R Ward’s Books in Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Dark Lover (2005)October 4, 2011464 pagesNew American LibraryAmazon
2Blood Kiss (2015)June 2, 2016432 pagesTottenzoAmazon
3The Bourbon Kings (2015)July 28, 2015432 pagesBerkleyAmazon
4Claimed (2021)July 27, 2021632 pagesPiatkusAmazon
5Covet (2009)January 1, 2009482 pagesSignetAmazon
6Leaping Hearts (2002)July 3, 2012320 pagesBerkleyAmazon
7The Rehearsal Dinner (2018)July 17, 201848 pagesPiatkusAmazon
8Consumed (2018)January 1, 2018416 pagesPiatkusAmazon
9Beauty And The Black Sheep (2005)January 1, 2008256 pagesHarlequin Mills & BoonAmazon
10The Billionaire Next Door (2007)July 24, 2007256 pagesHarlequin Special EditionAmazon

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series in Reading and Publication Order

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series comprises a list of paranormal contemporary romance novels under its title, mainly concerning Vampires. Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group that is different from the common vampire group. These Vampires have been fighting the lessers (Humans) and the others for centuries for their existence.

In Caldwell, New York, a sudden death brings back all the scattered vampires to fight against the lessers and save their vampire society.

This series has over 20 novels under its title, along with four spin-off series. I’ll list all the books under this series and discuss the spin-off series. So, stay with me to learn more!

The Brotherhood series is a collection of interconnected standalone novels, with new love stories in each book; however, the events are sequential and correlated within the books. It’s better to read them to follow the whole story from the beginning to get the hang of it. I’ve mentioned all the books in this series for your reference.

Dark Lover (2005)

Dark Lover
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It’s the first book in the series, and the story follows the only purebred vampire existing on the planet.

Wrath is the one and only purebred vampire and the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Wrath’s parents were killed centuries ago, and he is determined to avenge their murder.

But suddenly, his most trusted man, a fighter, is killed, which halts his mission. The fighter’s daughter, Beth Randall, belongs to two different breeds (her mother is human, and her father is a vampire). She is an orphan now, unaware of her father’s vampirism. Wrath must immediately take the beautiful girl into another world.

Beth, astonished by the sudden appearance of a sexy man at night and afraid of his brotherhood and bloodlust tales, finds it hard to process everything. However, his touch ignites a new sensation in her body that might engulf them both.

Black Dagger Legacy Series in Reading and Publication Order

Black Dagger Legacy Series is a spin-off of the original Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Black Dagger Brotherhood is a warrior vampire group that protects the vampire community from the lessers. The Brotherhood realizes that they need extra help to fight against the lessers, so they have decided to involve every vampire out there, whether they be commoners or aristocrats, despite their gender, to join a training facility.

In this training program, they will be trained to become powerful warriors to fight the lessers community. A journey where each book will narrate the love story of a new couple along with their struggles while training; however, the whole series is interconnected.

There are four books in this series, which I’ll be mentioning below, so stay with me.

It’s a well-curated series, with each book narrating a different story, but all are interrelated within the series. Below I’ve listed the four books written in this series; check it out.

Blood Kiss (2015)

Blood Kiss
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Blood Kiss is the first book in this series. The story follows a female character seeking independence and who falls in love along the way.

The daughter of the king’s first advisor, named Paradise, is tired of living a restrictive life of an aristocratic female. She decides to join the Black Dagger Brotherhood training program to escape her sickening life. But Paradise faces a lot of difficulties during the training.

In between, she falls in love with Craeg, a civilian her father will never accept. But Paradise falls hard for the guy. On the other hand, a threat looms over the training program; Paradise must be strong and fight all the dangers to prove herself.

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp Series in Reading and Publication Order

It’s another spin-off series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. The series follows the Brotherhood vampires but in a different setup. However,  a few old characters do appear in between the series. There are three books in this series, all of which I’ve listed below.

The books of this series also narrate separate stories but are interconnected, making it an entire series. Below I have listed the three books of this book series for you to check out.

The Jackal (2020)

The Jackal
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Nobody knew the location of the Glymera’s prison camp after the raids. Nyx’s sister is in that prison, and realizing this, she is determined to find the hidden labyrinth to bring back her sister. Nyx sets out on the journey of rescuing, where she discovers some shocking truths and meets a man who later becomes important to her.

The Jackal has been trapped in the camp for a long and decides to help Nyx. Knowing her sister’s whereabouts, Nyx and Jackal strategize an escape plan, but it gets difficult at every step. The ultimate Black Dagger Brotherhood reaches for help, but now everyone’s life is in danger, including the brothers.

Bourbon King Series in Reading and Publication Order

The Bourbon King series by J.R Ward is about the Bradford family, the rulers of a kingdom. The story focuses on the siblings and the hidden secrets of this big and royal family. All the truths are unveiled one by one in the three books written in this particular series. Have a look at the below-mentioned list of these books!

The books of this series should be read in publication order if you want to understand the whole story from beginning to end. I’ve provided the list of the three novels below.

The Bourbon Kings (2015)

The Bourbon Kings
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It’s the very first in this series. The prestigious and privileged Bradford Family has ruled the Bourbon capital for years. They are the high class and wealthy in their estate, Easterly. In the estate, there are two divisions, Upstairs, where the rulers of good fortune are present, and Downstairs, where the staff who maintains the reputation and facade of the Bradford family are present.

Because of their status differences, these two divisions are supposed to maintain their distance from each other.

However, for Lizzie King, this was the biggest mistake that ruined her life. Lizzie is the head gardener who falls in love with the prodigal son of the Bradford family, Tulane. Their breakup was brutal.

After the breakup, Tulane left home only to return after two years. He now faces a series of family tensions and many more unexpected situations.

Lair of The Wolven Series in Reading and Publication Order

Lair of the Wolven Series is another spin-off of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by the author. The story is set in the Brotherhood world, where a scientist tries to save the gray wolves in their natural habitat. But on this journey, she falls into the trap and endangers her own life. I’ve listed the books under this series title; check it out.

The series has three books and should be read in the order they were published. Have a look at the list of the books given below.

Claimed (2021)

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It’s the first book of the series. It focuses on Lydia Susi, the scientist determined to save the wolves and fight against anybody who tries to harm them. A hotel chain tries to accommodate the preserve. She is the foremost protestor against the owners, hence making herself the target.

When an unexpected danger lurks around Lydia, she is saved by Daniel Joseph, the new hire of the Wolf Study Project. Daniel is a mysterious man with hidden secrets and someone Lydia wants to trust but also is skeptical of.

With the murder of one of her colleagues, things take a sudden turn. She now needs to protect the wolves, face the truth about Daniel and fight against her feelings.

Fallen Angel Series in Reading and Publication Order

The Fallen Angel series is somewhat of a spin-off series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood because this story also takes place in the same location in New York, with a few crossovers and cameos. The story focuses on three fallen angels and the fight between good and evil. The entire series has Six books in total. I’ve mentioned them below for your reference.

The series has six books and should be read in reading and publication order to follow the story. Check out the books in the series I’ve listed.

Covet (2009)

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It’s the first book in this series, and it follows the story of a fallen angel and how he helps a fellow human to save his soul.

Jim Heron believes in revenge, and committing sins is nothing scary. But his circumstances change when he becomes a fallen angel. As an angel, Jim is tasked to save seven souls of seven people and rescue them from their seven sins.

Long ago, Vin DiPietro sold his one and only soul for his business, but a recent change of events requires him to work with the fallen angel to redeem his soul. In between, he also falls in love with a woman who will make him question everything.

Standalone Novels

Along with multiple series, J.R. Ward has also written standalone novels. She has written two standalone novels so far, and I’ve listed them below according to their publication order.

Leaping Hearts (2002)

Leaping Hearts
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Leaping Hearts is the debut novel of J.R Ward, published in 2002. The story revolves around A.J. Sutherland, the female protagonist who purchases a horse and has to sacrifice her position in the family to retain the animal.

She aims to participate in the show jumping season event, for which she takes training from Delvin McCloud. Delvin has to give up on his career due to a tragic accident. But when A.J. offers him the opportunity to be her trainer, he cannot resist.

But this arrangement soon turns into something deeper, where they both try to fight their feelings for each other.

The Wedding From Hell Books in Reading and Publication Order

The Wedding From Hell has two parts. The story revolves around Anne and Danny and their attraction to each other. It’s the prequel to her other suspense book, Consumed. Wedding From Hell sets up the initial story for the latter.

There are two books in the series. Read them in publication order to follow the prequel setup before diving into the main book.

The Rehearsal Dinner (2018)

The Rehearsal Dinner
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It’s the first part of the prequel series by J.R. Ward. The story introduces us to Anne, the woman who despises anything pinkish, breaking the long-time stereotype that all females love pink. Then comes the man hotter than fire, Danny, with his good looks. In between the wedding, the sexual tension between them is high. On the other hand, the wedding turns out to be hell, with a nightmare bridezilla, an emergency call, and two catfights.

The Reception (2018)

The Reception
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In the second part, the wedding turned into hell proceeds, with more drama to add to the list. On the other hand, Anne and Danny still try to fight their attraction to each other. Now the big question is will they give in to their feelings and take it forward after this night, or will it be a one-night stand for them?

Firefighters Books

Here, the author has released one book, called Consumed, which is the main story, after the release of its prequel, the wedding from hell books. Do you want to know what this book has stored in it for you? Then have a look at the brief description I’ve given below.

Consumed (2018)

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This book follows the story of Anne Ashburn, a firefighter. She loved her job as a firefighter, but one bad decision changed everything for her. Anne has to start a fresh life with a new job as an arson investigator. Anne was demoralized because she lost the thrill her previous job gave her until the city was burning with suspicious fire steps.

Danny McGuire, a fireman, teams up with Anne and risks his life to catch the hidden fire starter. This story is one hell of a gripping ride with a series of events unfolding.

An Unforgettable Lady Books

The author has released two books under this title; both can be read as standalone. I’ve listed the books below, have a look.

An Irresistible Bachelor (2004)

An Irresistible Bachelor
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Callie Burke, an art conservationist, is assigned to restore a painting acquired by a ruthless businessman named Jack Walker. This businessman has hot looks and is highly irresistible to the opposite gender. Callie is no different, as she finds it hard to concentrate on her assignment.

She sets on the journey to accomplish her given task with a motto of not mixing business and pleasure. Callie also has a deep secret to keep. Now, will she give in to her feelings? Will she ever be able to dream of a future with him when the buried secret is haunting her constantly?

The Moorehouse Legacy Series in Reading and Publication Order

The Moorehouse Legacy series by J.R. Ward is nothing like her other books in the series, including supernatural creatures and dark aspects. This series is about the Moorehouse siblings and their sweet cute small-town romances. The book series includes four books under its title. I’ve mentioned them below.

The Moorehouse Legacy series comprises four books and is suggested to be read according to their publication order. Check out the list below.

Beauty And The Black Sheep (2005)

Beauty And The Black Sheep
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It’s the first book written in the series and follows the story of Frankie Moorehouse, one of the Moorehouse siblings. Nate Walker is a handsome and amazing chef, and Frankie Moorehouse is lost in his beautiful eyes. But soon, Frankie realizes that she has work to fulfill and doesn’t have the time to stare into the beautiful stranger’s eyes.

However, deep down, she knows Nate is the chef her restaurant desperately needs now, and surprisingly he is staying for the whole summer at the place. But she is hesitant to take that step because of her wavering feelings and thoughts.

The O’ Banyon Brothers Books

It’s another of J.R. Ward’s passionate romantic books under this title. It has a deep romance story with a dark past, with many twists and turns to keep you engaged.

The Billionaire Next Door (2007)

The Billionaire Next Door
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The young star of Wall Street, Sean, is burdened with his dark past. His life has made him cold, tough, and moody, with extra trust issues.

Lizzie, a nurse, who has rented a room in his father’s house, calls him suddenly to inform Sean that his father is dead. Sean has an estranged relationship with his father.

After meeting Lizzie, he is instantly attracted to her. But his trust issues initially make him skeptical of her. However, their chemistry gets pretty strong later. But he doesn’t do the whole family thing, but for Lizzie, who knows? He might!


The famous author J.R. Ward proved that childhood hobbies could be turned into successful full-time careers with hard work and dedication. The audiences, including me, love her supernatural contemporary romances.

I hope my post about this complete list of J.R. Ward books in order was helpful for you to pick the ones which piqued your interest the most. Which of the books mentioned above do you like the most? I’d love to hear from you.

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