The Complete List of Jenny Colgan Books in Order

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Jenny Colgan is the best-selling Scottish author behind multiple light-hearted and humorous romance novels. Plus, she’s also penned several books in the Doctor Who science fiction series, proving that she’s more than just a one-trick pony.

Colgan began her writing career at the dawn of the new millennium, and since then, she’s delighted readers by releasing new books every single year.

So, whether you love classic feel-good chick-lit or you’re an avid sci-fi fan, you’re bound to enjoy Jenny Colgan’s work.

The Complete List of Jenny Colgan Books in Order

Colgan publishes most of her work under her real name, but she also writes under the pseudonyms Jane Beaton and J. T. Colgan.

Below, I’ll list every book by this prolific author in both reading and publication order.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1The Little School by the Sea BooksMarch 29, 2022
304 pages
2The Cupcake Café Books
July 2, 2019
416 pages
3The Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop Books
January 1, 2012
416 pages
AudioGO Limited
4The Little Beach Street Bakery Books
December 21, 2016
562 pages
Thorndike Press Large Print
5The Polly and The Puffin Books
February 26, 2015
Little, Brown Young Readers
6The Scottish Bookshop Books
September 20, 2016
368 pages
William Morrow
7The Mure Island Books
June 27, 2017
416 pages
William Morrow Paperbacks
8Jenny Colgan’s Doctor Who Books
September 3, 2013
320 pages
9Jenny Colgan’s Standalone Novels
February 1, 2001
288 pages
Grand Central Publishing
10Jenny Colgan’s Short Stories
February 3, 2004
368 pages
Gallery Books

The Maggie Adair/ The Little School by the Sea Books (As Jane Beaton)

Welcome to the School by the Sea
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This captivating series follows the adventures of Maggie Adair. She is a dedicated school teacher who has spent most of her career working at a struggling comprehensive school in an economically deprived area of Glasgow.

She loves her students, but the lack of discipline and limited resources makes each day a battle.

And so, when she sees a teaching position advertised at an upscale boarding school in the English seaside county of Cornwall, she immediately applies. And, to her surprise, she gets the job!

The Maggie Adair/ The Little School by the Sea Books in Publication and Reading Order

There are currently two books in the Maggie Adair series, with a brand-new third installment due to hit the shelves early next year.

To get the most out of the series, it’s best to read these books in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. Class: Welcome to the Little School by the Sea (2008)
  2. Rules: Things are Changing at the Little School by the Sea (2010)
  3. Lessons (expected to be published in March 2023)

The Cupcake Café Books

Meet Me at the Cupcake Café
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Cupcake Café books follow the life and adventures of Issy Randall.

At the start of the series, Issy is fired from her office job, and suddenly she’s unemployed and miserable, with no clear path forward.

And so, she decides to embrace the one thing she knows she’s good at; baking. Issy’s grandfather was a baker, and she spent many long, happy days throughout her childhood helping him out in his shop.

So, she makes the bold move to open up her own bakery. There are plenty of challenges to overcome, yet slowly but surely, Issy finds success in her new career. Plus, she meets plenty of interesting and endearing characters along the way.

The Cupcake Café Books in Reading and Publication Order

There are two books in the Cupcake Café series, and it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. Meet Me at the Cupcake Café (2011)
  2. Christmas at the Cupcake Café (2012)

The Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop Books

Rosie Hopkin's Sweet Shop of Dreams
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The Rosie Hopkins books are one of Jenny Colgan’s most popular collections to date.

The series kicks off when Rosie leaves the hustle and bustle of London for the charming country village of Lipton to help out her elderly Aunt Lillian. Aunt Lillian owns a sweet shop, and now that she’s getting older, she needs an extra pair of hands.

At first, Rosie expects her new life in the country to be pretty dull, but she soon realizes that Lipton has plenty of excitement in store for her.

Rosie quickly embraces her new job and settles into the village. And to her surprise, she finds much more than a new career; she finds lifelong friendships and even a brand-new love.

The Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop Books in Publication and Reading Order

There are three books in the Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop series, and it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop of Dreams (2012)
  2. Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop (2013)
  3. The Christmas Surprise (2014)

The Little Beach Street Bakery Books

The Little Beach Street Bakery
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At the start of the Little Beach Street Bakery series, protagonist Polly Waterford’s life is going downhill fast. She’s split up with her long-term boyfriend, and now, she’s lost her business, too.

So, with little money to her name, she has no choice but to move into a crumby little flat above a former bakery in the run-down Cornish town of Polbearne.

At first, Polly hates her new life in Cornwall, and she has little hope for her future. But then, she begins to bake, and slowly, she finds meaning once again.

She experiments with new recipes and soon realizes she has a talent in the kitchen. And, to her surprise, the locals of Polbearne can’t get enough of her delicious baked goods.

Suddenly, Polly has a purpose, and she embraces her new role as the town’s resident baker.

Her contribution to the community leads her to form new bonds with her neighbors, and she discovers she’s not the only one with emotional baggage and burdens to shed.

And so, together with her new friends, she shakes off the painful memories of her past and embraces a bright new future in the little town of Polbearne.

The Little Beach Street Bakery Books in Publication and Reading Order

There are four books in the Little Beach Street Bakery series, and it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. The Little Beach Street Bakery (2014)
  2. Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery (2015)
  3. Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery (2016)
  4. Sunrise by the Sea (2021)

The Polly and The Puffin Books

Polly and the Puffin
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In 2015, Jenny Colgan branched out from her usual chick-lit offerings for adults and began writing a series of children’s books for little readers.

These charming stories, illustrated by Thomas Docherty, tell the tale of Polly and her beloved puffin, Neil, and their many adventures together.

And in true Jenny Colgan style, these books have a foody theme, featuring fun and simple recipes to inspire children to get involved in the kitchen at an early age.

The Polly and the Puffin Books in Publication and Reading Order

There are four books in the Polly and the Puffin series, and it’s best to read them in the order they were published, listed below.

  1. Polly and the Puffin (2015)
  2. The Stormy Day (2016)
  3. The New Friend (2017)
  4. The Happy Christmas (2017)

The Scottish Bookshop Books

The Bookshop on the Corner
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The Scottish Bookshop series is a collection of three novels that are interconnected by the common theme of starting over.

Each story follows a different woman as she leaves her old life behind and crosses the border into the Scottish highlands to begin a brand new adventure.

At first, these women are unsure where their paths will lead, and the problems they’re running from continue to haunt them.

Yet as time passes, and they embrace the slower pace of life in the majestic mountains of Scotland, they each find what they’ve been looking for.

The Scottish Bookshop Books in Publication Order

The books in this series are interconnected by a common theme. However, each one is a standalone title, so you can read them in any order you choose.

  1. The Bookshop on the Corner/ The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After (2016) 
  2. The Bookshop on the Shore (2019)
  3. 500 Miles from You (2020)

The Mure Island Books

The Cafe by the Sea
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This six-part series takes us on a captivating journey to the fictional Scottish island of Mure.

This isolated outpost is situated in the choppy waters of the North Sea, approximately halfway between Scotland and Norway.

Life here is different from the mainland; things move at a slower pace, and everyone knows everyone else’s business. Even visitors from foreign shores quickly become part of the community, and they soon discover that Mure is home to some pretty interesting and unique characters.

The main protagonist of the Mure books is Flora, an island native who left home years ago to embrace a very different life in the big city of London. But eventually, fate draws her back home, and she begins to realize that everything she ever wanted was right here in Mure all along.

The Mure Island Books in Publication and Reading Order

  1. The Café by the Sea/ The Summer Seaside Kitchen (2017)
  2. A Very Distant Shore (2017) (series prequel)
  3. The Endless Beach (2018)
  4. Christmas on the Island/An Island Christmas (2018)
  5. Christmas at the Island Hotel (2020)
  6. An Island Wedding (2022)

Jenny Colgan’s Doctor Who Books

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Jenny Colgan is famous for her warm-hearted romance novels, but in 2012, she began penning a very different type of fiction.

Colgan is a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, so when she was asked to write the Eleventh Doctor novel, Dark Horizons, she jumped at the chance.

Since then, she’s written several further Doctor Who novels, as well as multiple short stories which feature in some of Doctor Who’s most beloved fan-favorite collections.

Jenny Colgan’s Doctor Who Books in Publication Order

Colgan’s Doctor Who novels and short stories form part of a much wider collection of work by multiple authors. So, you can read these titles in any order you choose.

Doctor Who Novels

  1. Doctor Who: Dark Horizons (2012) (The Eleventh Doctor) (as J.T Colgan)
  2. Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere (2014) The Eleventh Doctor)
  3. Doctor Who: In the Blood (2016) (The Tenth Doctor)
  4. Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (2018) (The Tenth Doctor)

Doctor Who Short Story Collections

Jenny Colgan’s work features in the following short story collections.

  1. Doctor Who: The Triple Knife and Other Doctor Who Stories (2018) (short story collection)
  2. Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor (2018) (short story collection)
  3. Doctor Who: The Legends of River Song (2016) (short story collection)

Jenny Colgan’s Standalone Novels

Amanda’s Wedding
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Along with her many popular series, Jenny Colgan has also published a large collection of standalone novels. Here they are in the order they were originally published. 

  1. Amanda’s Wedding (2000)
  2. Talking to Addison/ My Very ’90s Romance (2000)
  3. Looking for Andrew McCarthy (2001)
  4. Working Wonders /Arthur Project (2003)
  5. Do You Remember the First Time?/ The Boy I Loved Before (2004)
  6. Sixteen Again (2004)
  7. Where Have All the Boys Gone? (2005)
  8. West End Girls (2006)
  9. Operation Sunshine (2007)
  10. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend (2008)
  11. The Good, the Bad and the Dumped (2009)
  12. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris (2013)
  13. Resistance is Futile (2015) (as J. T. Colgan)
  14. The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After (2016)
  15. Spandex and the City (2017) (as J. T. Colgan)

Jenny Colgan’s Short Stories

Scottish Girls About Town
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In 2003, Jenny Colgan teamed up with fellow authors Isla Dewar and Muriel Gray to produce this captivating collection of short stories, all featuring strong, independent Scotswomen.

These relatable tales are as romantic as they are hilarious, and if you’re already a fan of Jenny Colgan’s chick-lit titles, you’re bound to love them all.

  1. Scottish Girls About Town (2003) (short story collection)


Jenny Colgan is a master of humorous and heartwarming romance novels, but she’s also a Doctor Who aficionado who has made huge literary contributions to this popular science fiction series. Plus, she also has a wonderful collection of children’s stories to explore, too.

Have you read any of Jenny Colgan’s work? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite books; drop me a comment in the box below!

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