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Audiobooks aren’t just great for adult listeners, in fact, children’s audiobooks are becoming more and more popular. Which is also great news for parents. Using audiobooks for kids is a great way to educate your children, not just that it can keep them occupied for long journeys, perfect for summer holidays. Audiobooks for kids aren’t a new feat, they have actually been around for quite some time. The best part is that now you don’t even need CDs to allow your children to enjoy popular children’s books.

Audible have realized this and offer a family subscription package called Amazon Household. If you don’t listen to them yourself you can still set up a children’s audiobook account with Audible. Here the library will only feature selected audiobooks that are suitable for kids.

Just like the reviews of our chosen best audiobooks, we also wanted to highlight which are the best audiobooks for kids. On this page, you can find what we feel are some of the best audiobooks for children. You will find in-depth reviews of each title that we post and the best places for you to download them for your kids to listen to. It really is a great way to keep your children entertained whilst managing to expose them to the literary world from a young age.

How to Define a Children’s Audiobook

Children’s audiobooks are somewhat similar to normal audiobooks when it comes to genre outlays. However, due to the audience differing in age they are written in a different voice and approach. Audiobooks for kids are of course of a more innocent nature.

There are a lot of categories within the children’s audiobooks section, ranging from fiction, history to mysteries. Audiobook services that have a great offering of audiobooks for kids sometimes categorise by age as well as genre.

At an age point there will be a crossover where normal audiobooks can also be enjoyed by children. Let’s take the Harry Potter audiobooks as an example, all the books in this series can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

What Ages are Children’s Audiobooks Intended for?

Here are some more subcategories that are offered within the children’s audiobooks section from various different audiobook services. As you can see there are still a lot of options for kids audiobooks on this main services.

  • Science Fiction
  • Action & Adventure
  • Animals & Nature
  • Classics
  • Foreign Language
  • Historical
  • Study Guides
  • Fiction
  • With Synchronised Images
  • Mysteries
  • Fiction
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Religion
  • Read-Along
  • Biographical
  • Myths & Fables
  • Travel

What Ages are Children’s Audiobooks Intended for?

As we previously mentioned there are subcategories underneath the Children’s audiobooks section. Most audiobook apps will have age groups, for example, 5 and under, 6-8, 9-12, as well as other genres.

When it comes to our list of the best children’s audiobooks we haven’t set certain age tags. This is because you as parents can browse this page and see which would best suit your child. Everyone is different, especially children, whilst one of your kids may be fascinated by adventure travels another might be more into science fiction. Check out our children’s audiobooks reviews and then decide which is best suited for your children.

Best Service for Children’s Audiobooks in 2023

Of course, there has to be one audiobook service that comes out on top as the best for kids. Our award of the best service for children’s audiobooks in 2018 goes to…Audible. Not much of a surprise here, especially when you hear that the giant of the audiobook industry currently offers over 50,000 children’s audiobook titles! It’s also very simple to set up a child account with Audible, and your mind can be at rest that they are listening to a suitable listening material. At the same price as a normal account, your kids can enjoy audiobooks from ÂŁ7.99 per month, or you can easily purchase the titles outright without a monthly subscription.

Our runner-up for best audiobook service for children goes to They offer a vast array of children’s books, from great classics to interesting historical stories. If you have tried Audible before and are looking for another option, we highly recommend giving a shot.

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