List of Monster High’s Most Interesting Book Characters

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Monster High is an American fashion doll franchise that has taken the teenage world by storm.

The dolls hit the shelves back in 2010, and since then, the MH brand has spawned a whole host of new media, including games, comics, TV shows, movies, and of course, books.

Monster High’s Most Interesting Book Characters

Even if you’ve never read the Monster High book series before, you’ll probably find some of these cute yet creepy characters familiar.

Each one is based on a different creature from classic movies, fables, and books, but the MH creators have given them all a brand new, teeny bopping twist.

There are several Monster High children’s novels that bring these captivating characters to life, including a popular four-book series written by author Lisi Harrison.

In this post, I’ll explore six of the most interesting characters from all of the MH books and delve into their unique personalities and backstories.

1. Melody Carver

Melody Carver
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Melody Carver is a unique member of the Monster High cast, as her character was created exclusively for the books.

Her defining feature is her mesmerizing singing voice, which she gets from her mother, Marina, the sea siren.

But everyone, including Melody, assumes she’s human. It’s only later in the series, when she begins to develop feathers, that her true identity as a bird-like sea-nymph is revealed.

In the earlier stories, Melody is sweet, shy, and reserved, and the other students often make fun of her. But when she discovers she’s a RAD (a Regular Attribute Dodger), she feels as if she’s finally found her tribe, and her confidence begins to grow.

Slowly but surely, Melody sheds her frumpy, plain-looking wardrobe in favor of a glamorous and chic new style. She even joins a band, something the old Melody would never in a million years dream of doing.

But her newfound confidence gets the better of her, and she begins to develop a superiority complex. The power has gone to her head, and once a kind-hearted personality is replaced with a sassy and sometimes selfish attitude.

Yet despite her inflated ego, Melody is still a loyal friend. She’ll go to great lengths to protect and defend those she loves, using her quick wit to outsmart enemies and put them in their place.

2. Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein
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Frankie Stein is another major character in the Monster High novels, and she shares center stage with Melody in book one.

As her name suggests, her parents are Frankenstein’s monster and his bride, and just like her father, she’s a combination of many different body parts stitched together to make a whole.

In keeping with her monstrous roots, Frankie enjoys concocting science experiments; plus, she’s a dab hand at sewing, too.

But despite being the daughter of one of the terrifying monsters in fiction history, Frankie is a sweet, wholesome girl with a sunny disposition. She gets along with almost everyone she meets and loves to help others, even if she doesn’t know them very well.

Yet her generous spirit and natural naivete mean that sometimes, others walk all over her. But luckily, Frankie has plenty of friends who have her back, and she’s constantly making new ones, too.

Her can-do attitude and infectious optimism mean she’s adored by almost everyone, and she’s one of the most popular students at Monster High.

3. Cleo de Nile

Cleo de Nile
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Cleo de Nile is an Egyptian Mummy who can always be found sporting some kind of burial wrapping, and she regularly switches up her bandages to try out new styles.

Cleo has royal routes which stem back almost six thousand years to the time of ancient Egypt. Her father is Ramesses, one of the most powerful pharaohs who ever lived, which makes Cleo a real-life princess.

And so, in honor of her bloodline, she is crowned as the reigning queen of Monster High’s student body.

Just like her father, she commands respect, which means she can often come across as arrogant and entitled.

But despite her powerful position and inflated sense of worth, she doesn’t always trust her own abilities. She’s confident, sassy, and self-assured in public, but deep down, she’s insecure and often needs reassurance from her closest friends that she’s doing the right thing.

Cleo’s surprising lack of self-esteem is perhaps not so surprising after all, considering her family life.

Her big sister Nefera is constantly putting her down and standing in the way of her success, while her father places a huge and unrealistic amount of pressure on her to excel in everything she does.

But thankfully, she has a great group of friends who support her, and in turn, she’s fiercely loyal and protective of them all.

4. Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf
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Clawdeen Wolf is, of course, a werewolf. She has auburn curls, wolverine-shaped eyes, and a small set of fangs, and as a budding fashion designer, she always looks stylish.

Known as the trendsetter of Monster High, Clawdeen is ambitious and resourceful, with big aspirations for her future career. Even though she’s still in school, she’s already made a name for herself in the fashion world, and everyone comes to her for style advice.

Clawdeen comes from a huge family of werewolves, and when she’s not hanging out with her friends or designing the next big trends, she’s spending time with her many siblings, including her little sister, Howleen.

She shares a bedroom with Howleen, and while the pair don’t always get along, she’s fiercely protective of her. In fact, she’ll readily defend anyone she loves, including her many friends at Monster High.

Clawdeen is a fierce, capable, and dominant character, especially on a full moon, when she tends to get a little angry. But thankfully, these bouts of rage don’t happen very often, and her friends adore her anyway.

5. Howleen Wolf

Howleen Wolf
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Howleen is Claudeen’s little sister and the youngest member of the Wolf family to attend Monster High.

She’s a typical class clown who constantly gets into trouble and breaks the rules. And while her elder siblings have already found their passions and know what they want to do in life, Howleen is still more concerned with trivial matters like clothes, boys, and makeup.

But because of this, she often feels inferior compared to her talented family, so she tends to act out and throw a hissy fit when things don’t go her way.

Still, even if she sometimes resents her family members, deep down, Howleen worships Claudeen and looks up to her as a role model. She tries to emulate her, but more often than not, she lets her impulsive nature get the better of her, and she winds up in trouble once again.

But despite her flaws, Howleen is a generous, kind-hearted character, and deep down, she only wants the best for her friends and family.

And although she desperately longs to be the most popular and successful kid in school, she always goes out of her way to make people feel welcome, regardless of their social status or rank.

6. Draculaura

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Draculaura is Count Dracula’s adoptive daughter, but unlike her father, she wasn’t born a vampire. Her biological parents were both human, but a family tragedy before she was born meant she was raised in Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

She remained human throughout much of her childhood, but when a plague swept through Romania, killing thousands and leaving Draculaura gravely ill, the Count did the only thing he could do. He turned her into a vampire so that she could cheat death and live forever.

After growing up in Dracula’s castle, Draculaura is accustomed to a life of luxury and privilege, so she has a pretty low tolerance for discomfort.

Early in the series, she often bursts into tears when she’s faced with a challenge, and she tends to give up without trying if something feels difficult.

But as time passes, she becomes a little more self-sufficient and starts learning how to solve problems on her own.

Despite the fact that her adoptive father is a bloodthirsty, intimidating vampire, Draculaura is the opposite. She’s gentle and caring and follows a vegan diet, preferring to eat the vegetables she grows in her garden rather than drinking other people’s blood.

Thanks to her happy-go-lucky, energetic personality, she spreads fun and laughter wherever she goes. She’s also kind and considerate and goes out of her way to make people feel welcome, especially when her friend Frankie first arrives at Monster High.


There’s a whole host of interesting, multidimensional characters in the Monster High book series, but the six I’ve listed above are among the most memorable of them all.

Have you read the Monster High books? If so, who is your favorite character, and did they make a list? Let me know in the comments below!

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