The Complete List of Artemis Fowl Books in Order

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Reading a book with multiple genres is such a thrilling experience. But finding a good book in different genres isn’t easy because very few authors can ace this kind of writing.

Eoin Colfer is one such author who has written an amazing series that is a combination of genres, including fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and young adult. The name of the series is Artemis Fowl, and I’m sure almost every reader has heard this name. The first book in this series was an international bestseller in 2001.

I have dedicated this article to The Artemis Fowl Books in Order, so you can easily find the complete list of books in the series in their reading and publication order.

Stay with me throughout the article if you want to get your hands on the book list in order.

Who is Eoin Colfer?

Eoin Colfer
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Eoin Colfer was born and brought up in Wexford, on the South Coast of Ireland, in 1965. At that time, his mother was a drama teacher, and his father was an elementary school teacher, historian, and artist of note. His interest in writing developed from a very young age.

He completed his degree from Dublin University and was a primary school teacher. In 1998 he released his first book called, Benny and Omar.

Artemis Fowl’s first book was first released in 2001. After the book became popular, Eoin Colfer switched to full-time writing. Since then, the Artemis Fowl has been translated into 40 languages and sold over twenty-five million copies.

Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl Books in Order

Sr. NoTitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1Artemis Fowl June 25, 2019128 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
2The Arctic IncidentMarch 2, 2021128 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
3The Eternity Code November 6, 2018384 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
4The Opal Deception November 6, 2018384 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
5The Lost Colony December 4, 2018432 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
6The Time Paradox December 4, 2018480 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
7The Atlantis Complex January 8, 2019432 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
8The Last Guardian July 10, 2012336 pagesPuffinAmazon
9The Fowl TwinsJuly 7, 2020368 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon
10The Fowl Twins Deny All ChargesJuly 6, 2021336 pagesDisney HyperionAmazon

Artemis Fowl Series in Reading and Publication Order

The Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer, got immense praise from the readers. The main protagonist of the story is Artemis Fowl, a twelve-year-old boy. He follows in his father’s footsteps and uses his sharp brain to commit small crimes such as heists and exploiting valuable resources.

Alongside the humans, some magical creatures live in the world, including fairies, pixies, demons, dwarfs, centaurs, goblins, and many more. This group of creatures is known as the People, and Artemis Fowl knows about their existence. Artemis plans to heist the gold and other valuables from these creatures but later commits something more risky.

With the continuation of the journey in the series, Artemis, the mastermind, changes his beliefs toward morality and teams up with the magical creatures to solve some mysteries.

The series also has a spin-off series called the Fowl Twins. Hence, both these series come under the Artemis Fowl universe. I have separately discussed both series for you to check out.

First, take a look at the reading order of this book series.

The Artemis Fowl universe has 11 books, and the main series has 8 books. Reading the books under this series in their reading and publication order is recommended to follow the whole story.

1. Artemis Fowl (2001)

Artemis Fowl (2001)
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It’s the first book published in the series, winning the international bestseller in 2001. This book introduces us to the main lead of the series, Artemis Fowl. This 12-year-old child with mastermind abilities comes from a long line of criminals. At such a young age, he is a billionaire with a sharp brain.

When Artemis learns about the existence of magical creatures, he has the perfect plan to exploit them. But he does something risky, the 12-year-old kidnaps Captain Holly Short, a fairy and member of the LEPrecon Unit. But Artemis might have underestimated them because they are not the fairies from our childhood stories. These fairies are dangerous to face. Now, the question is, what will Artemis do?

2. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (2002)

Artemis Fowl- The Arctic Incident (2002)
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This book is the second installment in the series. The Russian Mafia has taken Artemis Fowl’s father as hostage. Artemis was in boarding school when he received a message of ransom demand from Russia.

On the other hand, Holly Short is looking for the person who supplied human technology to the goblins. Foaly wants to find the culprit behind all the disabled LEP technology. They suspect Artemis is behind both disasters, so they kidnap him as revenge. But later, they discover that Artemis is innocent.

Artemis needs help from fairies to rescue his father, and the fairies need Artemis to correct the things happening in their world. Will they join forces to help each other, or the rivalry between them will win?

3. Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (2003)

Artemis Fowl- The Eternity Code (2003)
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In this book, we learn that Artemis Fowl, the mastermind, has made a supercomputer using stolen fairy technology. Now, this is a really big invention. But the problem is that it can become a very dangerous weapon if it is revealed to humans or fairies.

So, Artemis develops a plan where he decides not to use this computer. He will just show this supercomputer to an American businessman with Mafia connections. And his bodyguard, Butler, will be present to look out for any danger. According to him, everything is sorted, but when his bodyguard gets injured, his only hope is the fairies, but will he consider asking for help from them, or will he let the disaster unfold?

4. Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (2005)

Artemis Fowl- The Opal Deception (2005)
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After the last adventure, Artemis had his memory wiped off, which means he does not remember anything about the world of fairies and other magical creatures.

On the other hand, an evil pixie named Opal Koboi was in a coma from last year until recently, when she woke up to plot her revenge against all those who exploited her plan. Now, the fairies might again need Artemis’ help to stop the collision of the human and fairy world. But this time, the enemy is as smart as Artemis.

Will the fairies and Artemis together can save the world from collapsing, or will things go out of hand?

5. Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony (2006)

Artemis Fowl- The Lost Colony (2006)
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Humans and fairies fought against each other for the magical island of Ireland about ten thousand years ago. But when the fairies realized they could not win this battle, they decided to move to the underground and stay hidden. Every fairy family accepted this proposal except the demons.

Demons decided to wage war on the humans in the future when they were ready, so they cast a time spell, but unfortunately, it went wrong. The island of Hybras has gone into limbo ever since.

But at present, suddenly, the spell starts deteriorating, and the demons are returning to the world. Artemis, the mastermind, can only solve this situation. But things start escalating, making it difficult for everyone to bring everything back to normal.

6. Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox (2008)

Artemis Fowl- The Time Paradox (2008)
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This book introduces us to a grown-up Artemis who has returned after disappearing for three years. He meets with his twin brothers and spends time with them. But Artemis’ life turns upside down when his mother encounters a life-threatening illness.

The brain fluid of the silky sifaka lemur is the only cure for the illness, but this animal is extinct. It is because of the younger Artemis Fowl that this animal went extinct. To save his mother, he teams up with his fairy friends to travel back in time and bring the cure to his mother. But it will be a challenging task.

7. Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex (2010)

Artemis Fowl- The Atlantis Complex (2010)
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Artemis has gathered all the fairies to share his idea of saving the world from global warming. But the criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is acting differently; he is acting nice! It raises suspicions among the fairies, and they later discover that Artemis has been diagnosed with Atlantic Complex (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which has damaged his brain.

The vicious robots have attacked the underground volcanoes, and only Artemis can stop them. But he is not in the state to fight the robots, and the fairies must do something to bring him back to normal. Now the question is will they be able to do so?

8. Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian (2012)

Artemis Fowl- The Last Guardian (2012)
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In this book, the evil foe returns with her new plans to destroy the world. Opal Koboi, the pixie, sets out on a mission to eliminate the human race and become the powerful fairy queen. And she can go to the extreme level to claim that power.

If Opal succeeds in her mission, the spirits of all the fairies from the dead will rise and take over any bodies they find. The bodies can be of any living being, whether humans, dangerous animals, or the twin brothers of Artemis; who knows? It will result in mass destruction.

Now, Artemis and the fairies must act fast if they want to save the world from collapsing.

Fowl Twin Series Reading and Publication Order

The Fowl Twins series is a spin-off of the Artemis Fowl series, where the twin brothers of Artemis are the main leads. The adventure starts when Myles and Beckett Fowl turn eleven. This spin-off series narrates various incidents and how the Fowl twins solve them with their skills and sharp brains. All those who are fans of the Artemis Fowl series will definitely love this one.

Eoin Colfer carries forward the adventurous journey with the younger brothers giving us flashbacks of Artemis Fowl and making us fall in love with this one.

This series is a spin-off; reading them after the main Artemis Fowl series isn’t mandatory. It can be read separately. This series has a total of 3 books and is recommended to read in their reading and publication order for better understanding.

1. The Fowl Twins (2019)

The Fowl Twins (2019)
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It’s the series’ first book and introduces us to the Fowl Twins, Myles, and Beckett. One night they are left in the care of the house security, and that’s when the adventure begins.

The twins befriend a troll who has reached the earth’s surface after a dreadful journey from beneath the land. The twins learn that three people are chasing the troll. A nefarious nobleman and a nun, both seeking the troll for separate reasons and a fairy intern tasked with protecting him.

The twins and the troll escapes from them and experiences a hazardous journey where they almost die.

2. The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges (2020)

The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges (2020)
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This book narrates the adventures of Myles, Beckett, and Lazuli Heitz, the pixie elf hybrid. They borrow the Fowl jet without permission, but this act lands them in an explosion over Florida, which they all fortunately escape. This incident infuriates the Fowl parents and fairy police; hence, the twins are grounded.

Later in the story, we get to know that Myles is abducted and separated from his twin and has a lot of questions in his mind regarding the explosion, which he cannot find the answers to.

Now Beckett and his pixie friend must work together to rescue Myles. This mission takes them on a different kind of adventure with many challenges on the way.

3. The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve (2021)

The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve (2021)
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It’s the third book of the series and the one with the most nail-biting moments. Teddy Bleedham-Drye, the Duke of Scilly, and the twins had a not-so-pleasant-meet-up in the series’ first book. It’s been two years, and Teddy Bleedham hasn’t forgotten the humiliation.

Since then, he has been plotting a revenge plan against the twins that will result in their death. Teddy threatened Myles with a weapon, but Beckett and Lazuli were able to save him. During this incident, an accident leads to the duke’s death, which relieves the twins. But is he really dead?


I hope this article about Artemis Fowl Books in Order will help you to decide whether to should read this series.

I personally enjoyed the books of the Artemis universe a lot and will definitely recommend them to all. Whoever loves fantasy filled with action and thrilling adventures will surely love this one.

By the way, has anyone of you already read the series? If you have, which book from the series did you find the most interesting? I would really love to hear from you!

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