Why Men Written by Women is Trending? (Check out the Reason)

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Are you tired of reading novels that feature a hero who is portrayed as a bad boy or a grumpy, angry man who never smiles? I am exhausted, honestly!

Here, the Men Written by Women concept has entered and altered the idea of masculinity, where men cry, communicate, and perform basic daily tasks that are categorized as feminine activities, value consent, and so much more. 

Today, I will dive into this popular topic of Men Written by Women and explore why these emotionally available hunks are taking the internet by storm. Are they some fantasy or realistic portrayals of masculinity? 

So, grab a cup of coffee and join me in the quest to answer, “Why Men Written by Women is Trending?”

What is “Men Written by Women?”

‘Men Written by Women’ means the male characters female writers write about in their books. It gained immense popularity in the readers’ community over the years. There are various reasons why this is a hot topic among the women population. 

The hype is not only due to physical attractiveness but also discusses a specific type of masculine traits that many of us expect to see in men.

  • The men, who are written by women, are aware of their feelings and are often very expressive. They are not afraid to express their emotions openly, whether it be sadness, vulnerability, joy, or fear. This challenges the traditional belief that men should be silent, strong, and unexpressive.
  • They understand the significance of communication, emotional connection, and active listening. 
  • Men written by women are highly supportive of their partner’s dreams and aspirations, believe in equality, know their boundaries, value open communication, express affection in a healthy, consensual way, and understand the importance of consent. They do not shy away from conveying their love and emotions. 
  • They find traditionally feminine activities as something that can be done by anyone regardless of gender, such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. They also have a good fashion sense.  
  • The trend is not confined to only one type of man; the characters come in several shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc. It enhances the personality of men with depth and complexity. 

The Men written by women trend, challenges the traditional notions of manliness!

Why Is This Trending?

The ‘Men Written by Women’ is not just a simple fad; it demonstrates a deep cultural shift in how people desire healthy relationships and expect them to remain that way throughout their lives. Have a look at the reasons why men written by women is trending! 

Desire for Healthy Relationships

The traditional portrayals of masculinity emphasize aggression, dominance, stoicism, and unexpressive nature. It promotes a tough guy image that most men incorporate into their personalities. These are the reasons why it has always been challenging to create healthy and emotionally fulfilling relationships.

Women are now aware of the importance of emotional connection in relationships, and they find those qualities in the male characters written by women. These characters prioritize empathy, communication, emotional support, and more. 

Whether men or women, they crave these traits in their partners, and seeing them exist in the fictional characters increases their desire and gives them a vision of how relationships should be. 

Dissatisfaction With Traditional Media Portrayals

For decades, men have been portrayed as The Brooding Heroes or Popular Bad Boys, and female characters solely exist to support the male characters in both print and visual media.

Today’s generation yearns for characters that can challenge the stereotypes and have more depth. Men written by women is a fresh concept that shows a broad spectrum of masculinity and offers a new perspective.

Changing Social Norms and Gender Equality

The challenge to traditional aspects is leading to a broader mentality and open-mindedness. Today, most men are comfortable expressing their vulnerability, accepting feminine interests, valuing emotional connection, and empathizing. They are not supporters of the tough guy stereotype.

Feminism has led to the support of equitable relationships. Men written by women, conveys the necessity of respect between partners and is gradually shifting the mentality of many. Men are now willingly accepting this new approach to relationships. 

Social Media and Communities

Social media platforms like TikTok, BookTok, and BookTube have fostered discussions of Men written by women. The making and sharing of memes, videos, and regular debates are the reasons for its popularity. Over the years, it has fueled frequent discussions, and it’s still ongoing.

The formation of various offline/online communities has also encouraged the concept, which has developed deep desires among men and women to have these traits in each other.

Is It Realistic or Fantasy?

The men written by women topic sparks debate and questions the authenticity of the concept. Are the characters realistic portrayals of men, or are they unrealistic? Realistic or fantasy? Below, I’ve tried to give a balanced answer.

  • The fictional world is an idealized version of reality. The men written by women are highly supportive and emotionally available, but that is not what we see in real-life partners. ‘
  • Men written by women is a concept that is majorly incorporated into the romance genre, where the expression of feelings is widely explored. However, you will hardly find these personality traits in men from other backgrounds. 
  • For decades, men have been exposed to the idea of traditional masculinity, so adopting this new mindset will take time and effort. Due to this, the topic might seem unrealistic for now. 
  • Seeing how normal it is to express emotions and communicate freely, the men in real life are encouraged to embrace these qualities.
  • Nowadays, men are redefining masculinity, which is a great shift in society. Men are now more aware of their feelings and are willing to accept the changes. 
  • The characters do not deny or disregard the challenges faced by men. Instead, they focus on conveying the importance of expressiveness and building healthy relationships.

Overall, the trend highlights the importance of emotional connection and communication in relationships. This is an essential trait that men should adopt in real life. Although it is a bit idealized, we can say basic incorporation will be beneficial for healthier relationships.

The concept is not entirely realistic, but it can also not be called a fantasy. Some realistic aspects can be adapted for betterment, and the highly idealized parts can be ignored.

Final Thoughts

Why Men Written by Women is Trending is a very popular subject that is creating chaos in various reading communities.

Women population is extremely attracted to these masculine characters and desires to have partners like them in real life. Even men wish for these traits in their partners.

This idea challenges the traditional stereotypes of masculinity and is shifting the beliefs of many people. What are your thoughts regarding this topic?

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