What is Next of Kindle E-Readers in 2024?

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Ebook fans are highly anticipating the new Kindle – it’s been quite a while since the last update. What features will the upcoming Kindle ereaders possess?

While we can never be sure until it’s released, there are features and characteristics that many of us are keeping hope the next generations of Kindle will come with.

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1. A bigger screen

A bigger screen

Don’t get me wrong – I am perfectly happy with the Kindle’s 6” screen. But that is because I have tiny hands with short slender fingers which aren’t too happy to handle a large, heavy ereader.

Many ebook fans, however, want a bigger screen. It allows them to read in larger font sizes, minimizing the strain on the eyes without the need to turn page after every 3 sentences. Some of them opt for Kobo’s Aura H2O 6.8” or Kobo Aura One 7.8” instead, simply for the extra space on their books.

In addition, a lot of books and especially academic papers are available in PDF. While we can always read with the screen put horizontally, it would be nicer to have one large enough to read with comfort.

Therefore, it would be reasonable for Kindle ereaders to include various screen sizes in their future generations.

2. Waterproofness

Seriously – it’s high high time Amazon makes a Kindle that is waterproof. Not simply because Nook and Kobo have already had them, but because it is a much needed feature.

Since Kindle is advertised with a glare-free screen, it must be in their mind that people use the device to read outdoors.

But the engineers somehow ignored the fact that there’s a pretty high chance of our Kindle getting soaked in water in the outdoors. The risks are real, Amazon. It could be a splash of water while we read at the poolside, or at a beach, which many of us do. It could be a sudden rain while we’re doing a hike. Even indoors, the likelihood of the Kindle getting spilled all over with a tea is horrifyingly high.

So waterproofness, or at least water resistance, is a feature I really expect to see in the next Kindle. And by “the next” I mean the very upcoming one.

3. Blue light reduction

Yet another feature that I’m longing to see Amazon adding onto their Kindle.

Because many bookworms happen to be night owls. Many of us have classes to attend for full-time jobs to do, and the only time we can squeeze out to read a few pages of books is right before bedtime. Some of us read at night to relax and to sleep better.

Anyway, the last thing we want is something that would in any way disturb our sleep. Which the blue light emitted from the Kindle LEDs kind of does.

To be fair, the light, at low settings, is very soft and pleasant to the eyes, and most people don’t even notice any effect on their sleep at all. However, it would be nice for the Kindles to have a lighting system like that of the Kobos’: white light for alertness during the day, and a warm amber glow for a tender sleep at night. This is again something I’m highly anticipated to see in the nearest generation of Kindle.

4. Colored Books

I’ll admit it: I really really miss reading colored books. I wish I could read a comic on my Kindle with all the colors in the rainbow.

No ereaders are currently offering the option. For the famous super battery life, they use the simple e-ink technology, which only accommodates black and white.

However, the technology has evolved. Last year, a Taiwanese company has announced the advent of an advanced color epaper. The epaper can “produce full color at every pixel” while retaining the ultra low power usage and paperlike readability under all lighting conditions.

While it’s still mainly in the lab, we can stay hopeful that the technology will be applied in all future Kindle readers in the next two to three years. In fact, we may likely see a revolution in screen on even laptops, tablets, and phones!

5. Audiobooks


Whispersync for Voice is awesome. I’m happy enough that I can read an ebook on the Kindle Paperwhite, and then open my phone to listen to the book exactly where I left it.

But, wouldn’t it be cool if we can switch between reading and listening to audiobooks right on our Kindle ereader?

I don’t want to open another device – I just want to read. If I have to use my phone, I’d most likely take a peek to see unimportant emails and messages and a bunch of other things. That’s quite a lot of distractions.

The Kindle Paperwhite recently has got Voiceview Feature, which is pretty cool. It can read ebooks on your Kindle Paperwhite if connected to a Bluetooth audio device. However, what it does is to read what’s on the screen, which can never replace an actor’s narration for audiobooks.

I’d rather the future Kindle play the audiobooks. All kinds of books on one device, why not?

6. Self-charging with solar energy

With e-ink technology, Kindles are already the king in terms of battery life. The Oasis, with its charging cover, can last for months. You can really travel the world without bringing the charger.

However, I believe it can still be improved. Given that a lot of people bring their Kindle to read outdoors, it would be efficient if the device could charge by itself using solar energy. And does so while you’re reading on it.

The feature could help save you a few hours of charging every month, and you will never have to worry about your device running out of battery again. The technology has been there since ages – why not make use of it?

7. Eye movement detection

I honestly don’t how how it works, but hey there are already cellphones on the market that can detect your eye movements!

If you can make a phone stop playing a video when your eyes drift away, then there should be a way to make the Kindle turn the page just with your eyes.

Say, every time you’re at the end of one page, your eyes will be at one particular point. That triggers the eye movement sensors and voila! The Kindle automatically turns to the next page.

The automatic page turn will save a lot of movements of your thumb and fingers, compared to the current touch screen or buttons. If it’s fast enough, it may even be better than the Voyage’s famous PageTurn feature!

If eye movement detection is applied as a page turning method, more people with hand movement difficulties or disability will be able to read on the Kindle. It would be an amazing feature to add.

What features do you want to see on the future Kindles?
Share your thoughts with us.

2 thoughts on “What is Next of Kindle E-Readers in 2024?”

  1. I eould love to have an ereader with two screens, flipping through the pages quickly is far less enjoyable. Remember the last real hardback book you had? It will take a little more time to flip the pages.

    • That is an interesting idea and some duo-screen e-readers have actually been introduced serval years ago (google Flipbook and Notesnote), but for various reasons the ereaders were never sold commercially.


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