The Complete List of Deborah Crombie Books in Order

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Deborah Crombie is the bestselling author behind the hugely popular Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series.

The Texan native began her writing career in 1993 with the series debut, A Share in Death. Over the following three decades, she continued her beloved detective series, and it’s still going strong to this day. Crombie released the 19th book in the series earlier this year, and hopefully, she will have plenty more suspenseful novels in her future.

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So, if you’ve not explored Deborah Crombie’s work yet, I highly recommend you give her books a try.

Deborah Crombie‘s Books in Order

Deborah Crombie has penned nineteen novels to date, all of which form the bestselling Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series. Below, I’ll list all the books in order, along with a short summary of each one.

Sr. No.TitlePublication DatePrint LengthPublisherWhere to Buy
1A Share in DeathFebruary 17, 1993288 pagesScribnerAmazon
2All Shall Be WellJanuary 1, 2004268 pagesAvon BooksAmazon
3Leave the Grave GreenFebruary 1, 1995256 pagesScribnerAmazon
4Mourn Not Your DeadJune 1, 1996288 pagesScribnerAmazon
5Dreaming of the BonesOctober 7, 1997352 pagesScribnerAmazon
6Kissed a Sad GoodbyeApril 6, 1999336 pagesBantamAmazon
7A Finer EndMay 1, 2001336 pagesBantamAmazon
8And Justice There Is NoneAugust 27, 2002336 pagesBantam BooksAmazon
9Now May You WeepOctober 7, 2003384 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
10In a Dark HouseOctober 12, 2004382 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
11Water Like a StoneJanuary 1, 2007320 pagesAvon BooksAmazon
12Where Memories LieJune 24, 2008304 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
13Necessary as BloodOctober 6, 2009384 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
14No Mark upon HerFebruary 7, 2012384 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
15The Sound of Broken GlassFebruary 19, 2013
368 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
16To Dwell in DarknessSeptember 23, 2014336 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
17Garden of LamentationsFebruary 7, 2017432 pagesWilliam MorrowAmazon
18A Bitter FeastNovember 17, 2020400 pagesWilliam Morrow PaperbacksAmazon
19A Killing of InnocentsFebruary 7, 2023480 pagesHarper Large PrintAmazon

The Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James Books

The Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James mystery series is set in the British Isles. It follows the adventures of Scotland Yard Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his colleague-turned-wife, Sergeant Gemma James. Each book delves into a brand new investigation as this pair of tenacious detectives solve some of London’s most disturbing murder cases.

The Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James Books in Reading and Publication Order

Each book in the Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series tells a new story, so they can be read as standalones. That being said, the characters’ lives evolve and intertwine from book to book. So, to get the most out of the series, I recommend following the publication order listed below.

1. A Share in Death (1993)

A Share in Death (1993)
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Scotland Yard’s Superintendent Duncan Kincaid was looking forward to a luxury break away in Yorkshire and some well-needed rest and relaxation. But when a body is discovered in the whirlpool, his vacation is over before it’s even begun.

2. All Shall Be Well (1994)

All Shall Be Well (1994)
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Superintendent Duncan Kincaid’s neighbor, Jasmine Dent, has been longing for the end to come. Disease has ravaged her body, so when she dies in her sleep, those around her are glad her suffering has finally ended.

At first, Kinkaid wonders if she took her own life. But then startling evidence emerges that Jasmine Dent was murdered.

3. Leave the Grave Green (1995)

Leave the Grave Green (1995)
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It’s been over two decades since Sir Gerald and Dame Caroline Asherton’s son, Matthew, was found dead in a stream. And now, in eerily similar circumstances, their son-in-law, Connor Swann, has been discovered floating in a lock along the River Thames.

And so, Police Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Sergeant Gemma James open an investigation and soon discover that the Asherton family is hiding some deadly secrets.

4. Mourn Not Your Dead (1996)

Mourn Not Your Dead (1996)
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Division Commander Alastair Gilbert was a powerful policeman who imposed the law with cruelty and arrogance. And so, when he’s found violently murdered in his own kitchen, very few mourn his death.

But for a man with so many enemies, finding his killer won’t be easy. It seems everyone had a motive, so Scotland Yard investigators Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Sergeant Gemma James delve into the case to find out the truth.

5. Dreaming of the Bones (1997)

Dreaming of the Bones (1997)
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Superintendent Duncan Kincaid’s ex-wife Victoria left him more than a decade ago. But now, after all this time, she’s reaching out to Duncan for help.

She needs him to investigate the death of a local poet named Lydia Brooke. Lydia died more than five years ago, and everyone suspected suicide. But Victoria has reason to believe that the troubled young writer was murdered.

6. Kissed a Sad Goodbye (1999)

Kissed a Sad Goodbye (1999)
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Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid has just discovered that he has a son. And so he promises to spend the weekend with the eleven-year-old boy to make up for lost time.

But when the body of a young woman turns up in the middle of a London park, he’s forced to put his plans on hold. And so, instead of bonding with his long-lost son, he and Sergeant Gemma James embark on a harrowing investigation that takes them on a dark journey into the past.

7. A Finer End (2001)

A Finer End (2001)
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Duncan Kincaid’s cousin Jack has stumbled upon a thousand-year-old document that chronicles an ancient secret that once shattered the peace of Glastonbury Abbey, a secret which could hold far-reaching consequences even to this day.

And so, Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James head to the mythical burial place of King Arthur to investigate the secrets the discovery holds. But unbeknownst to them, great danger lies ahead.

8. And Justice There Is None (2002)

And Justice There Is None (2002)
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Gemma James has been promoted to the rank of inspector, but her first case will test her like never before.

The wife of a prominent antique dealer has been brutally killed in London’s famous Notting Hill while carrying the child of her secret lover, Alex Dunn. Gemma begins to suspect her husband, Karl Arrowood, murdered his unfaithful wife. But Duncan Kincaid can’t help but wonder if she’s on the wrong track. The case shares startling similarities with another unsolved murder, and when someone else dies, he’s certain she’s hunting the wrong man.

9. Now May You Weep (2003)

Now May You Weep (2003)
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Detective Inspector Gemma James has joined her friend Hazel Cavendish on a well-needed retreat in the Scottish Highlands. But Gemma is about to discover some startling secrets about her friend’s past.

Joining them at the luxury hotel is Hazel’s ex, Donald Brodie. Donald and Hazel’s whisky-distilling families have been engaged in a generations-long bitter feud, but despite their differences, there are still the burning embers of passion between these former lovers. And now, Donald is determined to win back Hazel’s love, even if it means destroying her marriage.

But up there in the remote Scottish mountains, murder is afoot, and Gemma will need the help of the man she trusts more than anyone else in the world to unravel the deadly case.

10. In a Dark House (2004)

In a Dark House (2004)
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A charred female corpse has been found inside a burning abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile, an emotionally fragile hospital administrator has disappeared without a trace.

Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid investigate the two seemingly unrelated cases. But the more they dig, the darker the secrets they discover.

11. Water Like a Stone (2007)

Water Like a Stone (2007)
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Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James have taken their sons on a Christmas trip to the picturesque Cheshire countryside. Joining them, for better or for worse, is Duncan’s parents, and tensions are running high.

But when they discover the body of an infant inside the walls of an old dairy, Duncan and Gemma are compelled to assist with the police’s investigation. And when another victim is discovered closer to home, secrets involving the darker side of Duncan’s childhood come bubbling to the surface.

12. Where Memories Lie (2008)

Where Memories Lie (2008)
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It’s been decades since Erika Rosenthal fled the Nazis and escaped to the safety of England with her late husband, David. But Erika is hiding secrets about her past, secrets even her good friend Detective Inspector Gemma James doesn’t know.

But now, Erika needs Gemma’s help. A precious diamond brooch is being sold at an upscale auction house, the same brooch that disappeared during Erika’s dramatic escape all those years ago.

This stolen family heirloom holds much more than sentimental memories. It hides the secrets behind Erika’s husband’s mysterious death. With Gemma’s help, she’s finally determined to find the truth.

13. Necessary as Blood (2009)

Necessary as Blood (2009)
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Scotland Yard investigators Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid are finally about to tie the knot. But their wedding preparations are overshadowed by the gruesome murder of solicitor Naz Malik.

Malik was being investigated in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Sandra, but now his suffocated body has been found in Bethnal Green.

The unfortunate couple has left behind a young daughter, and Gemma James fears for her future. Meanwhile, Gemma must balance her professional duties with her responsibilities as a daughter as her mother’s health dramatically declines.

14. No Mark upon Her (2011)

No Mark upon Her (2011)
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The body of young rower and Metropolitan Police detective Rebecca Meredith, has been discovered in the debris of the river Thames. Meredith was training hard in the hopes of qualifying for the upcoming Olympics, but now, her life has been tragically cut short.

And so, Kincaid and James get to work tracking down the killer. But the plot thickens when a search and rescue diver who discovered Meredith becomes the target of an attempted murder.

15. The Sound of Broken Glass (2013)

The Sound of Broken Glass (2013)
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Duncan Kincaid is staying at home with his new foster child, Charlotte. At the same time, his wife, Gemma James, investigates a brutal murder of a barrister at the famous location of Crystal Palace.

Working alongside her colleague, Detective Sergeant Melody Talbot, Gemma investigates a potential suspect.

Andy Monahan is a talented young guitarist who appears to be holding back evidence. But when another barrister is found dead, a pattern emerges, and Andy goes from suspect number one to the potential next victim.

16. To Dwell in Darkness (2014)

To Dwell in Darkness (2014)
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Superintendent Duncan Kincaid has been transferred from the headquarters of Scotland Yard to the borough of Camden, and his first investigation with his new team turns out to be a harrowing one.

An explosion has been detonated at London’s St. Pancras Station. The sole victim was the young man holding the device, but other members of his protest group claimed he only intended to activate a smoke bomb.

And so, with the help of Gemma James, Detective Sergeant Melody Talbot, and his former boss, Doug Cullen, Kincaid begins to unravel the truth. But as he delves deeper into the case, he discovers a web of secrets and lies that will endanger his entire family.

17. Garden of Lamentations (2017)

Garden of Lamentations (2017)
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On a sunny spring morning, a young woman’s body is discovered in a garden in London’s Notting Hill. The victim is a local nanny named Raegan Keating, but Gemma soon discovers that Raegan isn’t the first to meet a scary end in this exclusive corner of London.

Just a few months earlier, a young boy was killed in an unforeseen tragic accident. And when another local resident turns up dead, it becomes clear that the cases are connected. And so, Gemma embarks on a frantic search for the killer before another victim falls.

18. A Bitter Feast (2019)

A Bitter Feast (2019)
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Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Detective Inspector Gemma James have been invited to the charming family estate of Gemma’s detective sergeant, Melody Talbot.

Beck House sits in the heart of the enchanting Cotswolds region. Its luxurious surroundings are a sight for sore eyes after a hard few months on the job.

But their well-needed vacation doesn’t last long after a tragic car accident and a string of mysterious deaths put Duncan and Gemma back into work mode. Can they solve the puzzle and find the killer before he or she strikes again?

19. A Killing of Innocents (2023)

A Killing of Innocents (2023)
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Young trainee doctor Sasha Johnson has been stabbed in the middle of Russell Square. Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his sergeant, Doug Cullen, are the first ones on the scene.

Kincaid calls in his wife, Gemma James, to help in the investigation, but as she delves into the case, it becomes clear that sinister forces are at play. Sasha Johnson is no ordinary knife crime victim. She was successful and career-driven but had no connection to any gangs. But someone out there wanted her dead, and if Kincaid, Gemma, and their colleagues don’t act fast, the killer could strike again.


If you love edge-of-your-seat detective mysteries filled with tension and suspense, you’ll love Deborah Crombie’s work.

Are you already a fan of the Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James books? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite titles. Drop me a comment in the box below!

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