Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

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Burn for Burn is an averagely good book. I feel baffled about such books and think about whether to recommend them or not. You see, they are good but not very good. A few flaws that make them less than perfect but you might also like them.

Burn for Burn
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I am glad I read Burn for Burn, and I would not want it unread. Never. However, I just wished the author had made more efforts into actually making this a perfect novel.

So, here I am, analyzing this book and breaking it up for you. Burn for Burn is a Young Adult Contemporary novel that deals with the theme of bullying.

About the Plot

Average. Yes, it could be better, but it wasn’t entirely terrible. Three high school girls who have been wronged by their friends choose to take revenge. Cool right?

We have to be more than careful,” I say. “No one can ever know what we’re up to. What we do together lives and dies with us.”

Well, I thought so too until they started the plan. From there, it went a little down. The plans were far from perfect, and some were a total disaster. However, I liked a few of them.

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I liked the back story of each character and could tell that much thought had gone into writing them. That was my favorite part because it was very well thought out and written excitingly; I got a full appreciation for that.

However, other than that, the plot didn’t uphold the characters that well.
The overall pace of the book also killed it for me as I kept expecting plot twists and none came. Even when there were smaller plot twists, they were too mundane to shock or surprise me, and so the whole reading tempo fell.

Understanding the Characters

The characters of Burn for Burn are the only thing that made me continue reading the book despite being disappointed more often than not by the plot and the writing.

Every character was different and unique in their way. My favorite character had to be Kat. Her biker look and devil-may-care attitude just won me over. She was the strongest character in the book, and you know how incredible it is to read about fierce protagonists in Young Adult novels.

I had problems understanding Lillia Cho. I don’t know. One minute I thought I knew all about her and then it’s like I don’t know her at all. She maintained her unpredictability and intrigue throughout the book, and it was something I was fond of.

The one I hated — Rennie. She is a two-faced, manipulative, selfish, self-centered woman. Moreover, that’s all there is to her. I didn’t like her one bit. However, the best part was that her character was written so convincingly that it could invoke that hatred in me. That is again something to appreciate.

Mary was different. She’s sweet and gentle on the surface. However, always be careful of the innocent ones because you don’t know what they are hiding within them. I kept looking forward to her evil side to come out. Unfortunately, it never did.

As for Alex, I don’t know what his angle is. Who does he like? What the heck is he doing? His actions, just like his character is quite hard to comprehend.

About Reeve, well, let’s say I have no idea what goes on in that dirty mind of his. But I liked him too. He brought a fresh angle into the story through his dirty thoughts and it kept the book humorous for me.

Narration of the Story

It’s perfect. Throughout the book, I was trying to figure out the plot, predict happenings and find connections but I still couldn’t figure anything out. It’s like the book is divided into a right side and wrong side with no way of knowing how those two connect. Every character has two different personalities. The way it is all put together in one book is commendable.

“I’m sick of waiting for karma. Karma can suck it.”

However, the overall theme of revenge is maintained throughout, in each character and each story.

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What is in Burn for Burn?

Set in Jar Island which is the perfect fantasy land of any girl, everything is perfect on the surface, but with turmoil in the lives of three girls, a secret alliance is formed. Kat, Lillia, and Mary are plotting revenge on those who wronged them, but they can’t do it alone. With them joining hands together, the most exciting revenge novel is born.

“This is Karma. I’m a bitch. Can you think of anyone who deserves a bitch slap?”

There is also some romance elements and paranormal stuff surrounding the revenge plans, but they are so subtle that one hardly notices them.

Read the Trilogy or Abandon?

I want to say I don’t know how I feel about this book yet. The book was over, and I was still left with many questions which made me want to read the next book. However, I don’t want this story to be dragged for too long. It would just lose its edge.

However, I will have to read the whole trilogy to figure out my actual feelings. Then, maybe I’ll tell you whether I recommend reading this or not. However, if you feel like reading it just for the heck of it, you won’t be disappointed.

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