10 New Book Releases April 2024 (Must Check)

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Book releases are one of the best things that happen every month. I love cozying on my bed with a newly released book in my hand and a cup of coffee.

It’s a great feeling to be able to grab the book you’ve been waiting for months. Since the day the author announced the release dates!

After the March releases, now it’s time for the month of April to bring some amazing new books. I have listed the 10 best from well-known authors among many books releasing this April.

So, if you are eager to grab your favorite books, check out the list of 10 new book releases April 2024.

I have also provided short descriptions of all the books that will help you understand what they are about.

10 New Book Releases April 2024

I have listed the 10 anticipated books for April 2024. Check out the author and release dates of each book listed below. Also, scroll further to read the short descriptions of these books.

  1. Just For Summer by Abby Jimenez – 2 April 2024
  2. She’s Not Sorry by Mary Kubica – 2 April 2024
  3. The Cemetery of Untold Stories by Julia Alvarez –  2 April 2024
  4. The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo – 9 April 2024
  5. Daughter of Mine by Megan Miranda – 9 April 2024
  6. A Calamity of Souls by David Baldacci – April 16, 2024
  7. Funny Story by Emily Henry – April 23, 2024
  8. Darling Girls by Sally Hepworth – 23 April 2024
  9. Only the Brave by Danielle Steel – April 30, 2024
  10. The Demon of Unrest by Erik Larson – April 30, 2024

Brief Descriptions of the To-Be-Released Books

This section briefly describes each of the books listed above. Read the descriptions and choose the ones that intrigue you the most.

Just For Summer

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humorous Fiction

The two main characters of this book are Justin and Emma.

Both protagonists have similar luck (or, you can say, curse) when it comes to dating. Whoever they go on dates with finds their soulmate the minute after they break up.

Justin’s secret is revealed to the whole world through his Reddit thread, and that’s how Emma slides into his DMs, stating that she is dealing with the exact same situation.

They both come up with a plan to date each other for a while and break up; like this, their curses will cancel each other out.

Definitely a bizarre plan, right?

But what if it miraculously works?

It is just for the summer, a quick fling, but things start to get complicated when Emma’s toxic mother arrives, and Justin becomes the guardian of his three siblings.

While navigating these real-life situations, they both might develop real feelings for each other. Is fate planning something extraordinary for them?

She’s Not Sorry

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Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense

The main protagonist of this book is Meghan Michaels, a divorced woman and single mother of a teenage daughter. She is a full-time nurse who tries not to get emotionally attached to her patients. 

One day, while on duty, a patient arrives who is in a coma with a severe brain injury. Her name is Caitlin, and she jumped from a bridge and fell on the train tracks below. 

A witness gives a shocking statement that indicates that Caitlin was pushed. But who pushed her and why?

Meghan entangles herself in the patient’s life mistakenly and later realizes she and her daughter might be the next victims. How will she save herself and her child? And will she be able to uncover the mystery behind this incident?

The Cemetery of Untold Stories

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Genre: Literary Fiction, Magical Realism

This is a story every writer in the world will relate to. The main protagonist is Alma Cruz, a celebrated writer. She inherits a small plot of land in her hometown, the Dominican Republic.

In order to finish a book, one of her novelist friends fought so hard that it hampered her sanity. To avoid this, Alma had a great idea: transform the inherited land into a graveyard of manuscripts, drafts, revisions, and characters.

Alma buries all her unfinished stories and characters in the cemetery. She wants all her characters to rest in peace, but things don’t go as planned.

The buried characters start to whisper their stories, and they rewrite and revise themselves behind Alma’s back!

How is this possible? What will Alma do when she finds out? Whose stories will be told, and whose will remain buried?

The Familiar

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Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

The famous author who created the Grishaverse is back with a new book called ‘The Familiar.’ 

The story takes place in the late 16th century in Madrid when women were suppressed, men were superiors, and most Jews hid their identity. 

Luzia Cotado is a scullion who uses scraps of magic to endure her struggling days of continuous labor. But one day, her scheming mistress discovers her magical ability and demands her to use it to improve their family’s social position. 

This leads Luzia to participate in a dangerous competition for the royal court. She enters the world of seers, hucksters, alchemists, and holy men. As a Jewish woman, how will she survive in that place?

Daughter of Mine

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Hazel Sharp’s mother was a local detective in Mirror Lake who mysteriously disappeared years ago. It’s been a decade since she left that place. 

After her father’s recent death, she solely inherits the childhood home according to his will, which deeply upsets her two brothers. She is drawn back to the town and returns to put the house in order.

The town is facing drought, and as the water level drops, many buried, drowned secrets start to emerge. Among the many discoveries, Hazel might find something that will help her unravel her mother’s disappearance.

A Calamity of Souls

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Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Legal Thriller

The book is set in the year 1968 in Southern Virginia.

A white lawyer from Freeman County, Virginia, named Jack Lee is not a racist but has never done anything to stand up against racism. 

When a black man, Jerome Washington, is accused of murdering an elderly and wealthy white couple, Jack takes the case to represent the charged man. Although, he is not confident enough in his legal skills to win the case. 

A black lawyer from Chicago, Desiree DuBose has always fought for justice and equality. She arrives at Freeman County and partners with Jack to fight this case. 

Two dissimilar lawyers try to legally battle for a fair trial and justice.

Funny Story

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Have you ever experienced a kind of heartbreak where your fiancé realizes he is in love with his childhood best friend?

Well, the protagonist of this book, Daphne, has. Her fiancé Peter realizes that he is actually in love with his childhood bestie, Petra.

Now comes the part where Daphne starts over her life in Michigan, working as a children’s librarian and living with a roommate named Miles Nowak, who is actually Petra’s ex. Strange, right?

Miles and Daphne are complete opposites and mostly avoid each other despite living together. Until one day, when both of their sadness leads to friendship and a plan.

A plan to post misleading summer adventure photos together and to show off how close they are. What if this leads them in some other direction? Daphne will surely not fall for her former partner’s recent lover’s ex, right?

Darling Girls

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

This story is about three girls who all met at a foster care home due to their family tragedies.

Jessica, Norah, and Alicia came under Miss Fairchild’s foster care when no one in their family was left to care for them. Though not sisters by blood, they developed a deep bond while living together.

Miss Fairchild acted really nice on the outside, but she was a wicked mother to all the foster children. The three girls somehow broke away from the foster care home and thought they were free.

It’s been years since they have seen their foster mother, but the trauma still lingers with them. One day, they suddenly get calls from detectives informing them about a body being discovered under the foster home they once lived in.

They are brought back into their past again. No one knows if they are witnesses or prime suspects. Is anyone among the three involved in the murder?

Only the Brave

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Genre: Historical Fiction, War

The book tells the story of a brave woman named Sophia Alexander, the daughter of a famous surgeon in Berlin. Sophia’s mother is ill, so she has to take over multiple responsibilities.

She takes care of her younger sister, Theresa, looks after the household, and volunteers at the hospital after school.

On the other hand, Hitler’s power and violence are on the rise in her town, which deeply concerns Sophia. Due to the illness, Sophia’s mother dies, and she involves herself in the resistance against Hitler. She helps her sister to flee Germany, and her father also starts to resist the regime.

But due to this, his hospital is burned to the ground, and he gets arrested, which leaves Sophia to survive alone. Now, she is more determined to help the people, risking her own freedom though she is under surveillance.

It is a tale that describes the devastating effects of war, along with people’s courage, empathy, and determination to fight.

The Demon of Unrest

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Genre: History, American Civil War, Politics

In this book, Erik Larson brings to life the events during which Abraham Lincoln became president. It narrates the firing incident at Fort Sumter, South Carolina’s withdrawal from the Union, and the beginning of the Civil War.

But here, the author tells so much more from a broader perspective—details the public does not know about, such as the debates, threats, reactions of authorities, diary entries, etc.

It gives an in-depth insight into all the incidents that happened at that time.


Each new month brings new book releases for the readers. As a reader, I know the feeling of anticipation while waiting for the books to be released. 

Sometimes, we await one book and sometimes more, and holding them once they are released is a joyful experience. April is also bringing some good book releases. 

Hope this article on 10 new book releases April 2024 was useful.

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