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6 Reasons Why Kindle Voyage Is Better Than Paperwhite


Amazon’s Kindle has undoubtedly been a boon to readers athwart the globe. The Kindle continues to be one of the best e-readers in the market. It offers three models to pick from with a few differences in their specs. That’s where it gets confusing. As an addition to the Oasis and Paperwhite, we now have the Kindle Voyage amongst us. Each one of these versions has had their share of unique features.

5 Reasons the Kobo Aura is my Favorite e-Reader


eBooks are becoming extremely popular, and if you’re like most people, you must be a fan of digital books as well.

While traditional libraries are still a thing, a growing number of people now prefer eBooks which is why there is a massive demand for best e-readers. If you search for best e-reader, you will end up with a number of results with each option claiming to be the best e-reader.