Decisions.. decisions..

So, we’ve been moved into our house for a year and I still haven’t finished my office/library/den. I’m wanting to get a desk for it and have fallen in love with Pottery Barn. Their stuff is GORGEOUS (and kinda expensive..). So, here’s the room..

My Office/Library/Den(Please ignore the wrapping paper..) 

I thought about getting this desk and making is so you would see the front of the desk. 

My Desk

We have a tv in here (see the black stand on the right) so I thought that would allow you to still see the tv if you wanted. I don’t really want the desk flat against the wall. The room is pretty big and I don’t plan to put anything else in it except a lounge chair eventually.

I also thought something like this desk but, again, it wouldn’t be flat against the wall. The front would be facing the tv.

My Desk

I really like the corner desk, but what do you think, y’all? Will it look okay without both sides being against a wall?

Here’s another pic of the room. Again, ignore the wrapping paper/plastic totes.My Office/Library/Den

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