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Audio Review: Shift (Shade #2)

If you haven't picked up Shade and Shift, you are missing out. There were so many people on Twitter buzzing about it that I finally gave in to the hype (even though I thought I would hate it) and I'm so glad I did. If you can get the audio from your library, read it that way - you will …

Audio Review: Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road is a awesome debut book. If you can pick up the audio for it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Lind is superb and if something happens and I end up reading book two instead of listening, I know it will be her voice I hear in my head. This book is amazing and if you haven't checked it …

Audio Review: Delirium

I loved the characters in Delirium. At the beginning, Lean is very no-nonsense type of girl - she plays by the rules and doesn't cause any trouble. As the book progresses, we see her grow into her own person. She comes out from the shadows of her past and becomes strong and fearless.